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Is this me

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Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:22 am
BCensored says...

You ever feel like you need a freaky Friday moment. Escape your reality and live someone else's. Just for a while though. It's plausible really,how life can smoothly land blows on you left right & center unprovoked. But you still find the strength to wake up every morning ten toes down. & with one foot after the other, walk through the bloody tornado that is your life. Surrounded by poor life choices dressed in happiness, biting you in the ass,bad grades,anxiety,heartaches from hell. Fighting off the monsters under your bed,or in your mind rather. You're drowning. Wondering whether there's any way you can tune out the world. Just for a second. Maybe drink yourself half blind. Just one night. Forget the mistakes, the failures, disapproval. Ignore the self loathing & just Chug uncountable bottles of booze till you can't tell where head is & what hands are. Compared to dealing with your life,puking your guts all over the floor is paradise. You find solitude in the whirling rush that comes with alcohol. It's like you're living life in slow motion. You can genuinely laugh & not feel like you're betraying yourself. Nursing a hangover is sweet sorrow. Before you know it,you can't function without pumping liquor into your system. To simply get through the day. To not fall off the sufficient sanity tightrope you're balancing on. Always looking forward to drinking yourself to oblivion because that's the only time you don't feel like the consequences of your everyday actions are hunting you down. Or responsibilities breathing down your neck. This is how you cope. This is your life now.

Oh gosh this is so far from a lemur. That's pitiful.
— Jack Hanna