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Three Skulls Reviews

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Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:29 pm
Bullet says...

@Corryn, it says the piece is set to hidden.
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Three Skulls Reviews

Bathroom Windows

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Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:47 am
Miraculor77 says...

Hi! I'd requested a review from you a while back and would like another one.

Work title: Chapter 14: Coffee
Work link: Chapter 14: Coffee
Type of work: Novel Chapter
Work genre: I think it falls into teen fiction, has some realistic and maybe dystopian elements
Brief description: Umm... Ashe questions hers and Kyre's past again, even though she has no memory of it. Kyre notices how cold she is and they end up taking a detour to a coffee shop. Ashe seems to recognize one of the people there, and that woman's face triggers a memory/image, along with a deep sense of loss. Ashe and Kyre get their hot drinks and Ashe notices a strange girl watching them. The stranger looks slightly unsettling, and they rush out. I think.
Any notes you'd like me to know: I am a socially awkward person, and as such, I do not fully understand human interactions. I would really appreciate it if you could point out any places where the characters act or speak strangely.

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