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Mon Nov 22, 2021 3:41 pm
RealSadhours296 says...

For eons you have traveled across the stars, searching for the perfect reviewer with detailed criticisms and flexibility akin to a contortionist.

Well you didn't find that, you found this black hole instead. It seems to work just fine? It doesn't accept everything but what you get in return is OK. You suppose you might be willing to give it a shot?


Welcome to my little review corner! Since my brain is picky as heck on what I'm willing to read out of my own choice, perhaps turning reviewing into something akin to a job or community service will motivate me to actually review works. That's where you come in!

First off, right off the bat: I will accept 18+ works no matter the reason it is rated so. Trust me when I say I have read some STUFF and at this point nothing, and I mean nothing traumatizes me anymore. Will I probably suffer? Yes. Will that turn me away from your work? Absolutely not. Hit me with those dark works full force, killing me instantly.

Second off, I will only read novels and short stories. MAYBE poetry if I really feel like it. This is because well...I know nothing about song lyric, poetry, and script formats so I don't feel comfortable reviewing them due to my lack of knowledge. Out of novels and short stories, I like reading novels the most.

Third off, If I'm reading a novel, I will always, ALWAYS start at the beginning. I HATE reading out of order, it's just a thing. So no I don't do individual chapter requests, It's all or nothin' baby.

Finally, here's a DNI, because I will not be helping people who support these ideologies whether they're vocal about it or not. Anyone on this list, that's your cue to leave:








With all of that out of the way, feel free to request your reviews! Don't worry, I'm not nearly as mean as I probably appeared to be a few seconds ago! I don't bite! \^o^/

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41 Reviews

Gender: Genderqueer Woman
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Reviews: 41
Tue Nov 23, 2021 2:59 am
RealSadhours296 says...

*The Void absorbs your story, and churns out a review in return. attached is a note that apologies for the wait.*

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