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How to Report: threads, trolls, members, etc.

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Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:11 pm
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Big Brother says...

Here at YWS, the moderators and administrators are committed to making this site safe and enjoyable for every member. Unfortunately, from time to time, there can be instances that disrupt this.

Whenever that happens, it is important that you let us know. But when should you report? Where is the line between behavior that is appropriate and behavior that is not?

Do not hesitate to report a member if they are making you feel uncomfortable in any way, including:

- Being personally insulting and/or absolutely rude towards your work or the work of others in and outside of reviews
- Threatening you in any way
- Linking you to an outside source that makes you feel uncomfortable
- Sharing inappropriate sexual material or having conversations along similar lines with you
- Continuing to ask for your personal information after you have expressed that you do not wish to give it

To report something, you can click the report button in the upper right-hand corner of the post in question or PM a junior moderator, moderator or administrator about the situation. The moderators will take appropriate action. Also, if there is someone making you feel uncomfortable and you are unsure as to whether their behavior is worth being reported, report it anyway. We'll decide if anything needs to be done.

Please note that you can always remain anonymous if you so choose. Your report will always be kept confidential to ensure your maximum safety.

Read this for more information and guidance: Internet Safety.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below, or PM a mod and we can clarify!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood BB

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Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:40 am
Kafkaescence says...

Hear, hear.


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Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:15 pm
Blues says...

*fixed broken link*

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Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:38 pm
Holysocks says...

What about reporting threads? I clicked on a link someone gave me, and it came up with a bunch of stuff saying that I needed to contact an administrator, and send them a copy of what they were saying... But, I've been trying to find out how to send a copy ( I'm trying to find out how to post pictures! ), and altough they said it was important, I'm not really sure!?

I'm just super confused! DX
I hope it's a good joke because otherwise I'll have got it for nothing...

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Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:56 am
Nate says...

Hey @Holysocks, just copy and paste the text.
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Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:02 pm
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Holysocks says...

Oh OK, that makes sense. Thanks @Nate!
I hope it's a good joke because otherwise I'll have got it for nothing...

WARNING: Do not take grammar advice from me... EVER.

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Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:30 pm
AlexSushiDog says...

Anyone else love the term troll? :3
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Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:18 pm
raevynstar says...

I wasn't sure how to report this, but there are two reviews of my story
that are exactly the same.
Word for word. The one by "Sidd[not putting the rest for privacy]" came later, and I think it's just a copy-and-paste of another person's legit review.
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Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:10 pm
SkyeWalker says...

@CuriosityCat and I were looking through that user's account too, (Wall, reviews, works, etc) and we found that he plagiarized someone's work (Public Pool) and also copy/pasted that same work as a review (work/siddharthnair/This-I-Believe-Promises-Arent-Real-121508#c538510).
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Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:23 pm
Iggy says...

Please PM any moderator (users in light/dark green, red, or even black) with any reports you have. Thanks!
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