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Magic can conceal you, love can hold you forever (R.W.)

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Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:21 am
Charlii101 says...

It's a little extract from a story i am working on i hope you enjoy it!

The smoke poured out of the train’s chimney. It began to move out of the station as parents waved goodbye to their children. One boy leaned out of the window so far his arm extended waving madly at his dad. The boy’s glasses were at the tip of his nose, but he didn’t want to push them back up his nose. He wanted to watch his dad wave while his mother stood holding onto his little sister’s hand. His sister had tear stain cheeks but he didn’t think it was because she won’t see him for a year but because she wanted to go to school so badly. He knew how she felt he had wanted to go as soon as his brother James had left. He had waited so eagerly, counting the days on his owl calendar.

The train took a turn and slowly the boy’s dad disappeared into smoke. Trees and green grass soon took his place. But the boy still looked out of the window, in some hope that his dad would pop up from behind a tree or something. He felt a warm hand being placed on his shoulder. He spun around and stared at bright brown eyes that sparkled with kindness. “Let’s find a seat Albus; they may bring around the cart soon” the boy nodded and put on a brave smile to prove to his cousin he could do this. She smiled back showing a pretty row of white teeth.

The train shook ever so slightly, making walking a bit more difficult. Like a toddler taking their first steady steps. Albus kept his balance and his cousin stayed tight behind him in case she fell over. They both looked in each compartment for any spare seats to sit down. But nearly everyone was settled in their little groups already and when Albus and the girl put their faces into the compartments bags would go up on the spare seats. “Why don’t we try further down Rose?” Albus asked taking in the look of a boy with bleach blonde hair and pointed chin. He had only what Albus could describe as body guards, two of them. One had blazing black hair and the other had light brown hair. Each had piercing eyes; they looked like little sharp pebbles. Rose nodded as her eyes scrapped across the lad, who she believes to be the Malfoy boy. Scorpius. His eyes looked into hers and a cold chill flushed over Rose sending goose bumps all over her body. She nodded to Albus and walked ahead of him. Albus didn’t hesitate and made his feet move quickly to catch up with her.

Rose felt like she had been walking for ages. She wouldn’t be surprised if the train had already pulled into Hogwarts station. Albus was beginning to slow down. Rose wasn’t sure if she would be able to carry her own weight all the way to the bottom of the train. “Rose my feet hurt can’t we just sit on the floor?” Albus asked. He rubbed his forehead rapidly. “I know I’m tempted to do that as well but it’s better to find a seat, the next one might be free” Rose said in an upbeat voice. But Albus wasn’t buying it she had been saying that for the past twenty minutes. Albus felt like they were an outcast.
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Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:47 am
Mikko says...

:O you're back! I find this very interesting and I hope you carry on writing this. Which reminds me, what happened to Lily Evans' diary?

Oh oh oh did you see the fan-fic I made/I'm making? Oh wait, you did. nevermind.

So it was just to tell you that I love how you've captured Rose's personality in this and I really would love reading the rest.

Keep writing!
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