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Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:19 pm
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LadySpark says...

Here are the short definitions for all the forums on YWS, so you can know where to post a topic.


The Welcome Mat
New member? Post a greeting here and make new friends! Old member? Go here to welcome newbies!

Sub Forms-
>Questions and Answers
Have a question about the site and can't find the answer to it anywhere? Post here!
>About the Authors
Old member, but still want to introduce yourself? Post here!

The Information Desk
Do not post here. This is where moderators post site updates and announcements.


The Lounge
The Lounge is the catch all for anything interesting. Want opinions on a new book that you enjoyed reading and want to see who else liked it? Post here. Looking for fans of the same video game you like to play? Post a topic!

>Homework Help
Have a homework problem that you can't seem to figure out, and want to go directly to the experts? Post here.
>Official Polls
Here you can vote on the official polls chosen by moderators. Don't post here, just comment and vote. (You can see the official poll on the home page below the Chatroom enter link.)
Have a contest you're hosting? Looking to enter one yourself? Post or enter here!
If you have a link you'd like to share with YWS, post it here! Mainly for writing related stuff, though it can be used for links you find interesting.

Do you have a game you'd like to play with your fellow YWSers? If your post is a something like a site wide CLUE game, or something similar to The Tavern, post it here!

Serious Discussion and Debate
If you have a serious topic or question that needs well thought out answers, this is the place for your post. Serious Discussion and Debate is for all discussion that may be too serious for other forums, or for debates.

Squills- The YWS News
Do not post here. This forum is for the YWS news letter, posted every Sunday. If you are interested in writing for Squills or have a article for the newsletter, send a PM to the SquillsBot.


Ask An Expert
If you have a question about writing, post it here.

Knowledge Base
This is where any kind of instructional article goes.

>Grammar and Research
Guides on difficult grammar techniques, if you have one, post here.
For guides that don't exactly fit in anywhere else in the Knowledge Base, if you don't think your guide fits in anywhere else, post it here.
>Poetry Tutorials
Guides for all things poetry, if your guide is for poetry, post it here.
>Writing Tutorials
Guides for all things Writing. Post any writing guides here.
Confused about the site itself? Here are some guides to help you through it. If you have a guide for YWS, post it here.

Will Review For Food
Looking for someone to review your piece in a specific way? Looking for Literature that fulfills a certain criteria? Reply to a post here to request reviews, or create a topic so people can come to you looking for reviews. Only two requests are permitted every few days.

Writers Corner
Come here to talk about your writing with other YWSers, discuss ideas or get advice on publishing.

Writing Tips
If you have a tip on writing, post here! Have a question in need of tips about writing? Post here!

Writers Market
Information on publishing or contest opportunities outside of YWS.

-Creativity Corner-

Art and Photography
Looking for some new art to gush over? Have your own art and you want other YWS opinions on it? Post here!

Fiction Discussion & Tips
Got any tips or looking for some interesting discussions for fellow prose writers? Post and reply here!

Media Reviews
Seen a great movie or looking for reviews on a new book before you read it? Post here.

In November, National Writing Month takes place. If you're joining the brave writers who are attempting to write 50,000 words in a month, post here for support and other fun stuff in November.

>NaNoWriMo Archives
Archives for the past NaNoWriMo's.

Every April, brave poets try and write a poem every day in the month of April. Post your poetry here in April.

Novel Workshop
Have you finished a novel and looking for a critique? Attach the document in a topic here for an in depth review from one of the brave novel reviewers. Or, if you're looking for something new to read, look for a novel here. Read the Instructions before posting.

Poetry Discussion & Tips
Looking for tips on poetry or want to start a discussion about a certain kind of poetry? Post or reply here.

Writing Activities
Thought up a new activity to help stimulate writing? Post here! Got a block that just needs a game to fix? Go in search here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of the people in green.
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