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The YWS Big Book of Records

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Wed Mar 03, 2021 5:35 am
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Carina says...

Oooh, thanks for the addition of the RP Duo, @alliyah! <3 Since duos are more ambiguous on 'type' of roleplay (Storybook vs. Realm vs. Hollow), I think "fastest" is ambiguous since there does exist endless fast-paced roleplays that are over 100+ pages. What makes Fateful Heart unique is that it's more of a traditional roleplay with an ending in mind.

So basically, it's the longest and quickest traditional RP to reach page 99 (10 weeks and 231k words). But also, we're still going. I'll update when we reach the ending. ;)
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Mon May 03, 2021 3:25 pm
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hannah0528 says...

As many of you know, I wrote 108 poems during NaPo so *ahem* I must claim that record. Here is a link to my thread if you want to make sure.

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Mon May 03, 2021 7:22 pm
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alliyah says...

Congratulations New Official Record Breakers!!

The Big Book of Records hasn't been updated in a little bit, so here are the recent records that were broken ~

Congrats to @hannah0528 for most poems written during a NaPo - with 108 poems this year!! (wowza!)

Congratulations to @HarryHardy for joining BluesClues, Iggy, & Kaylaa as one of the few users who has earned a unicorn over in Knights of the Green Room! (that's 500+ logged green room reviews!)

Congratulations to @soundofmind for moving right on up to spot #9 in the Top 10 All Time Posters with 8933 forum posts!

Numbers that were updated:

@Meshugenah has now completed her 13th on-site NaPo (we still can't find 2010 but it may be *somewhere*) which is still the most NaPos of anyone on site!

@TheEgg has now cracked 100 likes here and is seasoned with 109 likes!

And @starlitmind has added another month to her Team Tortoise victories! so is at 11 months now! While @HarryHardy has completed his 9th month!

Also added a few new NaPo related records: new record for most NaPo participants, which is this year (2021) at 82 participants with 83 threads! And added to the "significant achievements" section all of our previous April Madness champions ( @Audy (2014), @Button (2015), @Audy (2016), @Lumi (2017), @TheSilverFox (2018), @Que (2019), @Lavvie (2020), @starlitmind (2021))

If you notice a record that needs updating or one you think would make sense to add, please comment so we can keep this current! Congratulations everyone!
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