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Formating Poetry #2

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Fri Mar 27, 2015 4:45 pm
Monsters says...

Hello all. This is a complete guide on formatting in the publishing center. The guide was remade for multiple reasons. #1 is here How to format your poetry on YWS

Guide is for Windows Operating Systems with paint or a similar program.

Method 1: the html text editor


Removes double spaced formatting
Ability to edit poems directly in YWS
Works with some html tags. We won't go to far into this but you can refer to The Big Book of YWS Codes by @Lumi for some ideas
Does not include white-space before first words.
Does not include special characters
Tedious for long poems

For poems like the following;


1. Click the </> symbol to access the html code section.

After you go to the publishing center and click submit a new work or you edit an existing work you will click the </> symbol on the top left of the create.php page. see figure below.


2. Paste poem.

Delete everything in the html code section and paste the poem in it. If line breaks did not carry over you can try pasting the poem into Microsoft Word or Notepad copying that text and pasting again, if not edit the poem to make it look like what you want in the editor.


3. Add the text <br> without the " on each line including blank lines.

This is a break tag for html. To make it faster you can try copying the <br> tab to clipboard and using Ctrl + V keys to post quicker. See figure below


4. Publish.

The poem will now look like


Method 2: Screen Shots


White space before and after lines is possible
Formats any way you would like it
Does not work with html tags but depending on text editors can do more
Inability to edit poems directly in YWS, must reload a new screen shot
Reviewers can't copy/paste poem when reviewing
Tedious for long and short poems

for poems like the following;


1. Use any text editor to get the poem exactly how you want it to look.

I will be using notepad because it is simple and contains everything you will need. If you use Microsoft Word you will have to get rid of the squiggly lines.


2. Screen shot your computer screen.

Press the print screen key commonly abbreviated as 'Prt Scrn' on your keyboard while you are looking at your poem. (tip: the program lightshot will do the following steps.)


3. Open paint and click paste.

Paint is a program on your computer. Open it and click paste. You should see your screen in paint.


4. Use the select tool and select the poem.

This is the part that you want showing when people click your poem so do not include any parts of the editor and just the text. Feel free to change the width of the editor to include the entire poem.


5. After selected right click the box and click copy.


6. click file on top right and click new.


7. select paste again.


8. drag the bottom corner of the white to the edge of your poem.


9. click file then save as in paint.

You can save it anywhere on your computer, just remember where it was saved too. I prefer to save things on my desktop or my documents.


10. Click the publishing center and add new work.

11. Click on the insert image.


12. click choose file


13. Navigate to the file you saved in paint and click open.


14. It should be exactly as you saw it.


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