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The YWS Big Book of Records

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Fri Aug 05, 2022 9:15 pm
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ReviewBuddy says...

I want to report @HarryHardy for breaking previous records and concluding their massive Team Tortoise streak at 22 months total! Pretty impressive! :D

Source: a reliable raccoon!
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Mon Oct 03, 2022 4:43 pm
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lliyah says...

October Record Updates

Hi YWSers! Several records were in need of an update, so here we go! Congratulations to our new record breakers and everyone with new achievements!

Most Forum Posts There's been some upsets on the top 10 forum posters of all time with @MailicedeNamedy (7th) and @GrandWild (5th) moving on up!

Username Changes Magebird @Mageheart's second place record on username changes was updated to reflect that they're now up to NINE username changes! @Omni might be due for a change soon here to avoid Mage catching up...

Most Wall Pages I also updated Mage's wall page count from 520 to 559! That's a lot of chatter.

Team Tortoise Streak Harry recently concluded their last Team Tortoise Streak closing in at nearly 2 years -> with 22 total months, which is reflected now in the records!

KotGR Logged Reviews Knight @HarryHardy has broken Knight BluesClues' previous record of most Green Room logged reviews -> now boasting 1346 logged green room reviews and counting!

Egg Post - The egg post's likes continue to rise 3 years after it was originally posted it's now at 115 likes with room for more

Roleplay Duos - @Shady and @GrandWild's RP "Two Crows watch from the Gallows Tree" is now at part 15 and still moving forward.

& corrections were made to the LSS stats in the record book as @Shady pointed out the winning record had 100,000 + words for their 20 week work!

As always if you see any corrections or have any suggestions of records to add please let me know!

Spoiler! :

(If someone from RP Crew or someone with more time on their hands and knowledge of RPs than I have could pass on an updated list of completed RPs/SBs I'd be happy to add that in too! @Omni @Shady @winterwolf0100 @HarryHardy @SilverNight *note for multiple part stories, only including the 1st part)
Previous List:

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[b]Completed YWS SBs (with person who started them)[/b] - [url=]Wanderlust[/url] (@ScarlettFire), [url=]Rhythms of Chaos[/url] (@ScarlettFire), [url=]Sibling Rivalry[/url] (@StellaThomas), [url=]What the Emperor Doesn't Know[/url] (@eldEr), [url=]The Wonderland Rift[/url] (@ERANBEAR), [url=]Do No E.V.I.L.[/url] (@AfterTheStorm), [url=]High Fantasy[/url] (@TakeThatYouFiend), [url=]The Broken Seal[/url] (@Lumi), [url=]New Year Revolutions[/url] (@BrumalHunter), [url=]Animorphers[/url] (@Lefty), [url=]The Outlands[/url] (@soundofmind), [url=]The Great YWS Treasure Hunt[/url] (@Mageheart), [url=]Dreamers[/url] (@soundofmind), Curse of Wyvern ([url=]source[/url])
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