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Wicked Ending

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Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:44 pm
Munthaka says...

Oh how failure suceeds to get to me

rip me apart ,abject me from my inner beauty

the beauty which holds no value wen taunted with dissapproval

mock it more to hash away the land on which i stand needing no shovel

how insignificant i feel when dey dont talk to me but to my deeds

how superficial deir friendship seems when they dnt show any emotions

and how ghastly the world becomes wen stabbed with realizations

How lonely i feel wen my folks farosake me in my time of remorse

since i side with dose who i cnt compete with,who keeps me behold

who promises to help but never looks back or down

who has enough to gain and no time to spare for the ones who's drowned

The heart that resembles the one of a toddler

the pain that numbs the senses wen solitude follows me like a reaper

From deir abhorrent behaviour i grow my mentality

the mind dat mars with inferiority

the soul that has no timidity

Oh how i hope for the time to arrive

wen dese eyes wudn't shed tears for more dan a day

wen dis cage where i abode would have a door to explore

Or how i wait for the time to arrive

wen my worst demon becomes my ally

wen i wish him to vanquish my disdainful soul

than watch my hopes die to feel torn and forlorn.

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.
— T.S. Eliot