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Tale of Two Drakes: The Tale behind it all

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Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:42 am
StandStrong says...

I sit here completely drained. I do nothing halfway: I write like a freaking banshee, edit like a rabid skunk, and then get sucked into reviewing with absolute craziness. Oh that reminds me. I need to make a post about review day coming up...Ok, done. Yeah. So. Where was I...? Oh yes. I'm writing this now because I've hit page number 60, and I started at page 48, I believe. I'm recharging. Filling in the blanks is HARD.

I'm getting this thing done because my bestest friend in the whole wide world announced to all his coworkers and his family that I am publishing a book on Amazon. That would be my hubby, Zech, and boy does he know how to motivate one to do the very best. Last night I was all 'OMG! You MOTHER wants to buy this, my mother and brother want to buy it, my FB friends want to buy it, what if they all think it's horrible! Or worse, that I believe everything my main character does? Or if Mom once again thinks 'this plot is too complicated'. Aack!!!'

He laughed at me.


It is ridiculous, isn't it?

But even you, dear reader and fellow writer, have these thoughts, don't you? If you do, I insist you type YES in the comment box. Because having 80 views and 2 comments drives me nuts. But does it drive me as nuts to go from 80 views to 28 from one chapter to the next? What does that even mean? Does that mean that people like Ch 1 and haven't gotten around to reading Ch 2, or that they're busy in the middle of the week, or does it mean Ch 1 sucks? If it doth suckify, I do need to know.

I mean, even an emoticon would be a good guide for people's thoughts. Who's with me?! War cry, another YES!

So, back from my ranting. I'm feeling more awake again, less stuck in the writer's trance that occureth after prolonged hours gaping at the screen. At current, I have about 120 pages typed in my sloppy copy. I add a strikethrough to each section I decide to delete or not use in the clean copy, then if I change my mind, all I must do is remove the strikethrough.

I built a timeline, expecting to have 3/4 of the stuff done. I have 1/2, and it was mostly all weighted at the end. I stared at it like...oh. I'm one of THOSE wierdos who start at the end and work to the beginning. No wonder I never got things completed.

So...I am now 3/4 done technically. Filling in the _____ is the hardest ever. So, who agrees with me? Who wants to talk to writing crazy soon-to-be novelist? Certainly a few of you must share in my fears! Talk and be merry!
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Gunnerkrigg Court is awesome.

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