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Which of these ideas should I work on?

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Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:06 am
ilessthan3you says...

Normally I'd decide for myself, but I'm in a bit of a creative rut at the moment and can't really choose for myself which is best. I have four somewhat solid ones, one being 83 pages in. I absolutely hate the way I wrote that one so far though. I like the plot a lot, but I set it up horribly. If you want me to post what I've done so far, I will. Anyway, these are the three plots. The first is more detailed because I've been actually working on it.

1. Rayna is a sixteen year old girl whose mother died two years prior to the start of the book. She's always had a bad relationship with her father, and this worsened after the death of her mother. They get into a car crash, and her father dies of a stroke and brain aneurysm while she suffers brain damage. The doctors plant a genetically enhanced cancer that stops at a certain point to take over and copy the function of the dead brain cells. This allows them to control her thoughts.

This is where the iffy-ness comes in. I'm thinking of making the doctors part of a conspiracy to kill the President, but I'm not sure. It wouldn't be part of the major plot, just a motive for the doctors and a kind of sub-plot.

So anyway, the rest of the story without the conspiracy goes like this:
She starts to think about injuring or even killing everyone with adverse ideas to the doctors'. Then she meets a boy with the same condition(I'll add a bit of romance in there). One doctor tries to stop the entire operation, and the boy is sent to kill him. Then the girl is made to kill the boy but fights it(I'm not sure if she actually will yet). As she is the only female with the condition and only females can reproduce, and because the condition is permanent and she'll always keep the ideas in her brain, she seeks to find the doctors, then kills them along with herself.
With this one, again, I'm not even sure if my brain will allow me to re-write this. It really needs to be rewritten though. I just love the idea, and hate the way I set it up. Again, I'll post it if you want.

2. This is more of a setting than a plot, really. All I know so far is that it's set in the future, and technology has taken away the need for almost all of the jobs, except for leadership positions. This is the result of a complete economic collapse, and after a deep depression and era of poverty. Everything would be shared, so money becomes basically obsolete. No one knows what to do with themselves, so there are obesity problems and general unhappiness. The families that were previously poorer know to appreciate everything more and still keep their happiness/sanity, while the rich sit back and enjoy everything, but have a void that they can't quite place. The plot would follow stories of people from different social classes and their problems.

3. This is the first idea I've had that isn't sci-fi/fantasy-like. There's a prison warden(I picture her female, but I'm not sure if a male would suit it better) that is only in the job because she needs the money and it's stable. I'm thinking that her brother or some family member died in prison due to bad conditions and she wants to make the prison a slightly better environment. She befriends one prisoner who is convicted for murder and continually claims to be innocent, and she begins to believe him. He doesn't tell anyone but her because he's basically given up and, since no one will believe him and he will be executed, he doesn't want anyone else, even the murderer, to have to die. He struggles with prison and the attempts of the warden to get him to plead innocent.
It's not much yet.

4. I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS ONE RIGHT NOW. Hahaha. This would take place in the far future, when humans have advanced and have new evolved capabilities. Their memories have expanded so that everybody can remember their birth and childhood. However, one guy doesn't remember any of his childhood. He also doesn't remember ever having parents. He goes on this search for them and for any ties for his past. <-- this is all solid. The rest is my mind going on a creative tangent and is all a MAYBE.
Then maybe the government is hiding information from him to protect said information from the public that could be potentially embarrassing.
And maybe he's really from the past, being kept alive and in the same physical state by the new technology and medicine, and is therefore not evolved enough to remember his childhood and parents, and has some important role in the future society.

Obviously, the last one is less developed because I literally just thought of it. But my mind is thinking of a lot of possibilities for that one. And sorry this post ended up so long D: Thanks!

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Tue Jun 21, 2011 2:52 am
Name2533 says...

I love the first one especially the conspiracy of killing the president even if u dont put that part in the story the first one would be a book or story i would read and i really hope you choose to work on the first plot if you do YOU MUST TELL ME!! Look foward to your possible new story!!
Your new friend /follower:

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Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:31 am
ilessthan3you says... is my favorite plot I've come up with, but I really hate the way I've set it up and need a break from it, at the least. I can PM you the 12 chapters I did do, though, if you want (:.

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