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World of Violet Saga....

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Sun May 08, 2011 8:05 pm
Soulkana says...

Someone pointed out about my reference to Vampires- Let me say that will be shown later on. What I can say is that the vampires are usually in separate groups based on what they can and can't do. Some can turn others some can't. The ones that can the power is passed down through there is no way someone outside those families to turn another human. Can turn anyone.

Werewolves-typical except can't turn anyone under ages 25 and over age 60....because then the turned ones won't survive.

The Chess Board-its to represent the path the story tells....not as a strategy whatsoever.

Powers- The powers Alexis has will be very crucial later on, even the so called plain and boring ones that no five year old needs at that time...they will become important later on.
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Fri May 20, 2011 11:50 pm
ErBear says...


What is this for? While I LOVE vampires and am very interested in the werewolf side, what is this for? Is it just a note to the general public? If it is, it would probably get a lot more feedback if you posted it on your wall for people to comment on.

Also, about this chess board. It sounds intruiging. I want to hear more.

Finally, most of this is explaining things on a story that 'will happen later on'. So then I would reccommend adding this as a spoiler at the beginning of your posts.

However, I am interested, so PM me when a new chapter is out!

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