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Requesting Help! Idea for Attempted Novel

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Tue Mar 29, 2011 3:05 am
ItsRainbowInked says...

Okay. It's my first try here on the site. I personally wouldn't like to post this officially first without getting some feedback first. And, that's a waste of points. So, I merely got this random idea that just popped(!) in my brain. So I worked on it for a couple days. So this is what I came up with.

Please give my writing no mercy. None. I'm still working with it, haven't really found a specific style. If you could call it that. So, let me first explain the basic outline of the " world " this is set in. Some background information. Please keep in mind that this is not based off of practically anything, just both from the mind of a 13 year old girl. I apologize if this sounds almost exactly like yours, or someone else's work - this would be coicidental.

You can read the work here.

So, some back up support information, for the confused.Basically a sort of fictional piece - my strong point - but set mostly on a 'modified' version of Earth. Here, there is a dark energy that surrounds the moon. Dark 'chi', if you would. This dark chi is a sort of afterlife energy of the evil sins that came from humanity. This chi gives birth to Monsters.

And when that happens, a 'Spawn' is born - born from the ugliness and sins of humans, reawaken through nightmares. Spawn appear in your mind first, only appearig in your dreams. Often, they are known as 'nightmares', and many would overcome it. But some can't do that. All Spawns have threen missions, on average - two.
1. To bring misery and insanity and spreads it.
2. To destroy the person who gave reason to their births, and swallow them.
3. To serve their 'master', the one who created the dark chi that mothered them and created their physical form. Once they do, however, swallow the human who gave them birth, they massacre and hunt other humans, and evolve to 'Scion'.This dark curse has found a way to save the humans.

A secret organization that takes students of very young ages, train them to capture these minions by battling them, as well as recording them down within 'Black Books' that are put away in it's archives where they are to never see the light again. For a secret lasts forever, until it is draped back into darkness, and forgotten.

Please review, and PM me for any questions! P.S. This is so not easy to write on iPods. ;(

Team Conjunction! :D

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