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Anyone have a way to control Plot Bunny infestation?

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Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:36 am
DrakoeIrene says...

Hello Peoples of the Interwebs-

Why the Fu- Heck do you start with that?
Mira... go play with the plot bunnies before they go bye-bye
O.O, Bye bye??!
yes, the majority of them anyways
B-but, WHY?!
>.<, because i have to many of the little -pardon my french- buggers, not enough time to write them all down, and wayyy I'm to good at procrastinating than can be good for any human being
But there my friends! without them all i'll have to do is annoy you!
Mira, desperate times call for desperate measures... and dealing with you is the lesser of two evils...
*huff* fine, i'm not talking to you anymore!
Oh no, please, don't! i can't live without you, Mira!
Are you being sarcastic with me?!
I thought you were going away....
I hate you...

Ugh... Anyone got an asprin?

Well here's my problem; I have a rabid population of never ending plot bunnies, most of which go nowhere, but their taking up space and time that i don't have to give. Especially now, since I have a novel i'm working seriously on. It is entirely to easy for one to warm it's way into where my novel bunny is supposed to be and i spend a day or week depending flushing it out only to have it go nowhere and BOOM! now i'm behind on my novel >.<.

So anyone have a way to get rid of them? or at least ignore them? Because whatever i'm doing doesn't work....

Well when did you figure that one out genious?
about the time I realized I never finished any of my writing projects...
Did too!
:shock: Not the evil white pills, not again! You wouldn't!!
Watch me...

Seriously, asprin, anyone?
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Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:29 am
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Kyllorac says...

I keep a notebook for plotbunnies. Every time I have an bunny, I jot it down in the notebook, along with all its details and the reasons why I think it's cool/neat/whatever. Then I forget about it (or at least try to).

Right now, I have several filled notebooks of bunnies, some good, some bad, others potentially workable. Whenever I run into a block in the ideas department, or if my current projects begin to bore me, I go flip through one (or several) of the notebooks until I come across an idea I can fit into a current project.

I also cycle between projects so I don't get bored, and while it takes me forever to finish a story, I do eventually finish.
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Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:40 pm
Idraax says...

I put mine on the plot bunny thread...or on sticky notes and request other people to write them. :D
Check these out please! :)
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