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General Barracuda and Carradyne.

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Sun Jan 21, 2007 10:06 am
deleted6 says...

So I've known about this area for a while, but only just thought what i should post. I'm working alot since prelims coming soon i also have to study anyway. General Barracuda i got this idea from a game called Arcanum. The game was about a world in where magic and machines existed. I morphed my idea more so far i've not got much take a look if you dare. Right at bottom.My other thing Carradyne is originally a storybook, but when the site closed me and Liz forgot about it. We've actaully got 56 pages just from that thread we've loads of idea for it. We stands for Elizabeth and me it's a joint effort wish us luck.

“So Joseph will you ever stop being a bootlicker, or is it that you are sexually acquainted with General Barracuda?" Joseph swung round, the stench of alcohol hitting him first then the Image of Craig. He was tall well built with an unshaven chin his eye were blood shot and barely opened. His face constantly switched between emotions one minute happy the next minute furious. He was wearing a horrible old khaki uniform with rips and tears all over it his trousers were jeans, which had lost all colour. “Shut up, Craig” replied Joseph swinging his fist and hitting him squarely on the Nose with a sicken crack.
“If you mention how that happened, then some evidence may turn up accusing you of that one murder... got it?”
“You bastard. And how you expect to do that when your dead Craig argued pulling his Knife out.”
“General Barracuda!” Joseph sang in a singsong voice
“I loved her you sick hateful thing” replied Craig with tears in his eyes and clenched fists “I’ll get my chance some time and I’ll make you squeal like a pig before I rip your throat out.”
“General Barracuda Joseph shouted bit more nervously.”
Craig looked at Joseph mumbled something incoherently and stomped off.
Joseph was just about to walk off, when he heard someone shouting.

“Joseph, why did you call me?”
Joseph shot round and pushed his hand up in a shaky salute “ermmmm well it like this sir, no reason at all. So need me to do any special duties.”
“I need you to stop calling me every ten seconds I’ve more important things to be doing on this air ship than saving your ass.”
He continued “the army is not a day care centre and stop bloody saluting already.”
“Yes sir!” Joseph replied by saluting again.”
General Barracuda sighed annoyed and walked away.
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