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The Battles We Wage

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Thu Jul 29, 2021 3:59 am
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Atticus says...

The Battles We Wage

The year is 2642. Planet Earth was declared uninhabitable in the year 2103, and humans were forced to evacuate to an adjacent solar system with two habitable planets, each around 3/4 the size of Earth. Gradually, humanity has regained its footing. Unfortunately, as a byproduct of this rapid inhabitation, both planets (Planet Moon and Planet Sun) do not have established constitutions. This has led Planet Moon to fall under the control of the dictator Maxwell Blaze. Under Maxwell's leadership, the military has tripled in size, the freedoms of speech, press, and expression have crumbled, and the government is responsible for redistributing wealth. Poor people are dying on the streets as the elite enjoy lavish dinner parties, and the populace is helpless.

Skylar, Myra, Darien, and Alexander are committed to creating a more just society. When their history teacher introduced them to forbidden pieces of literature from Old Earth, they became obsessed with the idea of re-instating democratic governments that would protect the rights of the people. They joined an underground organization dedicated to the mission of overthrowing the current regime and replacing it with a just, democratic government. The four of them have trained alongside an elite group of dreamers, revolutionaries, and freedom fighters and will now lead the most dangerous mission in Planet Moon's history: overthrowing the government.

Along the way, these teenagers will wrestle with their purpose and values, work through complex relationships, and learn more about themselves and the world around them. They will battle demons inside and outside as they sacrifice everything in pursuit of their goal.

This story is more than a fictional tale of adventure and heroism. It is a subtle critique of radical culture, a story of inspirational role models who fight for what they believe in, a story of shades of greys, right intentions mixed with wrong actions, and, most importantly, a story engineered to motivate and inspire a new generation to fight for the highest good: love.

This is your invitation to embark on an adventure of self-discovery through a book that poignantly explores real, powerful topics like injustice, the danger of radicalization and polarization, and the dangers of hatred and fall in love with heroic characters who work together to fight for what they believe in.
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