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The Wonders of Pujil Archipelago

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Mon Jul 20, 2020 5:44 pm
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STRvArmory says...


Call me Mory.

I'm just another aspiring writer, like many of you here.
I'll be using this topic to present my side projects, add some world-building info related to them, then use them as a consistent template for my published works, since they all take place in the same universe. They'll all be stepping stones for the sake of my personal training, and most importantly, giving myself the necessary skillset to write for the main project — which I'll talk about in more detail in my YWS blog.
For now, I'll focus on the setting of my side projects: Pujil Archipelago.

♠Pujil Archipelago

Spoiler! :
—The Pujil Archipelago is a chain of large islands located at a specific part of my universe's ocean. The universe in question isn't named yet, but it's a pretty urbanized place that's based on modern Earth, with modern-earth technology. There's a magic system, however, and the main characters of that place are using it to explore, record, and expose the various, unknown parts of the Pujil Archipelago.

As a side note, a single island of the Archipelago is called a Pujila, and a close group of them is called Pujili.

—The Pujil Archipelago serves as the main setting for the main characters to explore. It is mysterious, vastly unexplored and, though interesting, not a vast enough potential source of income for most countries of the world to send search parties in order to see what it's like. So, only dedicated professionals with limited resources are able to study the place and send people in it to discover it.

♠The Needless Armory

Spoiler! :
—The Needless Armory are essentially this world's BBC Natural History Unit. They're a small but growing team of broadcasters and natural historians that produce content with natural history and/or wildlife being their main theme.

—The idea is that, like BBC's Natural History Unit, The Needless Armory is a specialized unit part of a larger group. That group, however, wouldn't be just a television studio: they'd be focusing on collecting, repairing, and recycling used materials (be them tech-based or magic-based) from the rest of the world, and repurpose them into a variety of products that they then resell in very organized auctions, be them online and physical. By very organized, I mean that there are tiers of auctions based on social status and income, as well as the type of item being sold (so, imagine that there are like Middle-Class auctions that don't sell the same things as Rich-Class auctions because a middle-class person doesn't have the same needs or means to buy as a rich person).
Work in progress, though. I'll have to study quite a few things to make that work. And also to make it sound useful enough that it removes the stigma around real-life auctions from the reader's mind.

—So, these auctions are made in an attempt to show the beauty of "waste", of products seen as needless before being given a new life and purpose.
Which is why they call themselves the Needless Armory.
The Needless Armory's Pujil exploration unit specializes in collecting and recycling such materials to create their own brand of broadcasting magical gadgets designed to let them do their job from a variety of angles, and survive whatever kind of ecosystem they'll have to both figure out and expose within the Pujil Archipelago.

♠Worldbuilding In Eternal Progress

Spoiler! :
—The entire point of this project is to explore worldbuilding, build a unified magic system that makes sense/seem fun within the world that it belongs to, describe places, animals, plants, or even themes and small-scale story-arcs for this or that character.

—From there, I'll make sure that every Pujila (or Pujili, depending on the concepts I come up with) have their own self-contained biome, and the more I expand on those, the easier it'll be to expand on how the world around the entire archipelago works.

— I also want to make sure I properly transcribe what it's like for the MCs to do their jobs. There are field explorers, but also journalists who must write articles about what happened and learn to make it sound exciting, but also cameramen who have to wait hours for the perfect shot, literally learning to live with this or that animal so that it lets itself be filmed for long enough to even get a good shot. I've never seen something like that in books I've read (as in, Fantasy/Sci-Fi Crocodile Hunter meets Sir David Attenborough), so, I figured I'd start with that as my base.

And that's it for the presentation. Next post, I'll be talking about the early concept of my first biome: Emerlight Forest. Because it's still in its early conceptual phase, it won't be nearly as long as this entire thing. Thank you for sticking around, though.

I'll be going, now. Have yourselves a fun time.


Call me Mory.

I'm working on a worldbuilding project called The Wonders of Pujil Archipelago. You can find it here: The Wonders of Pujil Archipelago

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.
— Albert Pines