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The Lost Story of the Primal Kingdom

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Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:52 pm
neutralgay says...

The Lost Story of the Primal Kingdom

It is said that long ago, the sun of Icartha had blessed the world with it’s hallowed blood, calming the fires that streaked the skies and seared the continents. From where the land received Icartha’s power had the Gods risen from the blessed lake that had formed. These four gods of creation, destruction, time and space shaped Bòvar into the world it is known as to this day; from the northern tides of the Warmeo Ocean to the quaint Fae villages in the south, life bloomed all over the ancient soil. The seraphic entities soon fled from the planet into their own celestial realms, and watched over their creations as they evolved.

Yet even with the tools of livelihood in their hands, both humanity and faekind looked for more than the bare world to harness. In his pity, the flawed demiurge of creation descended back upon Bovar, and provided his divine intervention. His blessings twisted the hearts of men, and their empyrean faith turned into a ruthless whip of war and destruction. The world now scorched with mordant scars had to face the histories that pass without contempt. Though the people yelled out in solemn silence, it only took a single moment for the God of Creation to vanish. Even with the world now seemingly abandoned by the gods who had birthed it, centuries continued without remorse, and the world would be split; the fae in the south and humanity in the north.

This story, lost to the ages of time, follows a girl whose life has been changed by forces far out of mortal control. With generations of life merely dust in a draconian wind, she must look past her own needs to restore balance not only to herself, but to a war torn world; to amend for the faults of gods and find purpose in the existence of mankind.

The Characters

Mestrine Cathavor: The 17 year old protagonist of our story. Around 5'6, with birch colored skin. Messy hair that falls to her shoulders, with a deep blonde color that turns white after a specific story point. Brown eyes. Has a great affinity for magic. Bisexual as hell. Storywise, she's the heir to the Panahon Kingdom in the northern continent. Wields a real cool sword forged by her own fire.

Ekuura Alvanac: Another 17 year old who honestly, at this point, might be considered the deuteragonist. 6'1, with tanned, hazel skin and hair color only matched by that of a raven's feather. Her hair falls far past her shoulders. Blue eyes. Considered a 'Dragon Tamer', as she was able to tame the wild beasts that roam the land. A lesbian against the world. Heir to the kingdom of Morphen, in the southern continent. Wields a staff that also, is real cool.

Tiberius Meyalward: A 23 year old from the Stellarian Empire. Dark skin with messy, dark gray hair. 5'11, with yellow eyes. Strangely resembles the childhood friend of Mestrine. Has an elven bow, entwined to the core with life magic. Also bisexual as hell.

Skabelse: The god of creation. 6'8, with really pale skin. White, short fluffy hair surrounded by a thin blue bandana. Has a light blue crystal in his neck. Ice blue eyes. Like all the gods, he wields a staff.

The World

In the beginning, the world of Bovar was simply a landmass of raging fire and primal storms. When the sun of Icartha sent it's blessing of magic down to the surface, the four gods rose into existence. The continents drifted, and nature bloomed. The people, made up of humans and fae, rose up and created the first civilizations.

The landmasses themselves were made up primarily of the Northern Continent, Tlec, and the Southern Continent, Lairatan. It has two archipelagos, the Mashara Islands in the north and the Tubig Marass in the south. A third continent exists in the west known as Collyeej, with two minor continents of Torsel and Harasten. There's three sprawling oceans; the Myarian, Warmeo and Namasteo.


"I will not let these silenced gods will not bequeath my fate."

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and the shadows will fall beyond you.
— Walt Whitman