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Worst thing about school?

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Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:11 am
TheStormAroundMe says...

What do you guys think was the hardest thing you experienced in high school? Was it tests, a hard breakup, or something else? I'm trying to write an essay for school on the subject.

Thank you in advance for your responses!
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Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:27 am
Horisun says...

Worst thing about school? Hmmmmm…
My first thought was boredom, but then I thought, "Wait a second, boredom is how I get a lot of my inspiration!"
My second thought was bullies, but then I thought of something even worse...

I've had three kinds of horrible teachers in my school years.

1. The ones that thinks your a bunch of preschoolers and/or the ones who think your a buch of undisiplined kids who need to be put back under control

2. The ones who hate you

3. The ones that never teach you anything.

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Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:40 am
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niteowl says...

Okay so I've been out of high school now for a while. Looking back, I'm not sure there's any defining experience that would be the worst part, but what I remember is this overwhelming sense of pressure. Pressure to get all A's, be involved in tons of activities, do everything right so I could go to a good school and get a good job. I feel like sometimes I didn't have room to breathe and figure out who I was. I also feel like the structured nature of high school really does not prepare you for the world outside it. I was good at school, but feel like I'm not so good at much else.

Also fishbowl discussions. Yes I am still mad about how my AP World History class got taken over by the people who liked to argue and people like me struggled to get a word in edgewise and we were graded on participation so we had to force our way in. Eleven years and it still makes me angry.

Also stupid unrequited crushes. Though at least I got some terrible poetry out of those. :P
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Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:08 pm
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Carlito says...

I second pressure, and along with that not having enough time. It was so hard to finish all of my homework and read everything I was supposed to read and study everything I was supposed to study on top of extracurriculars and having a life outside of school. College felt so much freer in many ways because even though I still had a ton of responsibilities, I was more in charge of my own schedule.

Also, social anxiety to the max. Class participation, classes that graded on participation, presentations, really anything that would draw attention = agony. :)
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Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:35 pm
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Liminality says...

Personally, I found ineffective administration to be the worst thing since it was the root of nearly all the other problems my schoolmates and I faced. Bad teachers? The Principal dictates recruitment and takes in people without proper qualifications (e.g. someone trained in Science was allowed to teach languages). Bullying and harassment? The discipline department takes zero action against bullies and even indirectly encourages them with their own poor behaviour.

School leadership, I find, sets the standard for the students. If kids see the adults floundering, they flounder as well. Furthermore, the frustration caused by badly organised timetables, time-wasting activities (such as giving exam-takers a 4-hour sex education talk that could be summed up as "DON'T DO IT, KIDS") and stubborn clinging to tradition makes a lot of people just give up on learning entirely.

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Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:53 pm
Fantascifi66 says...

My thoughts about this are kinda sad since it comes to how I act at school.

Firstly, being alone in free time. Now, I am in middle school, but to me, this is the worst thing possible. If I don't have a book, drawing stuff or something else to pass the time, I mostly just end up walking around the schoolyard, singing to myself. Ok, that last part must sound pretty weird, but because I'm alone there's no one around to actually hear me sing, so I sing to entertain myself.
My friends rarely ask if I want to be with them, or even come talk to me. So that's sad.

Ok, I've rambled about my pathetic life, let's move on.

Teachers that judge you. Now, I've only met one teacher like this at school, and he probably means to be nice, but it doesn't really come across like it. As I said before, I read a lot of books to pass the time (and obviously because I like to read), and so he makes little comments about it. In one break, I left my book inside the classroom and went outside because I thought I would for once be social, but when I got out he said: "Did you forget your book home today?"
This isn't really an offensive comment, but it wasn't especially nice either.

That's all I have.
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Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:17 pm
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manilla says...



The hardest thing in that general age range was not facing the teachers or peers, but mostly facing myself. You're not the most secure person, so you know that that means. You feel like you have to set up a system for yourself - How you act at school, to certain people, like peers or teachers. Your friends are set for you. Everyone has their own group, and it's kind of weird jumping between them. After a certain age, school is about fighting and making sure you succeed, because your teachers or friends won't always help.

There was a girl who used me in middle school for a straight up year. I was suspicious at first because she suddenly, as in a matter of a month, became my friend. Who does that? She ignored me for pretty much all of sixth grade and even hated me in the beginning... But because I was 12, I thought it was fine. She only asked me for my flashcards on Quizlet, or my practice test questions that she could use. That girl didn't do much for me other than like the guys that liked me. :')

So I cut her out really fast. Subtly, of course.

And the English teacher I have this year doesn't even teach. She's an awful teacher - She just asks us to write dumb character trait essays. But what's worse is that she doesn't even give our essays back for long enough so we know what we did wrong. My English teacher is the most unfair grader I know. She dropped me down two letter grades (C) (pretty much) because I didn't follow her rubric exactly (nO rEaL tRaNsItIoN wOrDs!11!!). Not only does following that exact outline make the essay boring to write, but it kills student creativity and thought.

And we're doing that for the rest of the year. So.

And of course, we have the classic stress with homework, mental breakdowns, and never being enough.

that was a long rant oops
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Thu May 23, 2019 7:47 pm
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AlyTheBookworm says...

I hate the boredom, hours upon hours of wasted time, crappy cafeteria food, pressure to get A's, PE class, the tests, the bullies, the creeps, my invisibility, and not fitting in with my peers.

The worst thing was always lunch, where I sat by myself and it became painfully obvious I had no friends. In classes, I could get away with being quiet because I could pretend I was just trying to pay attention and get my work done. During lunch and other free times, it was humiliating to have to stand or sit by myself for years.

Best things were my teachers and (some of) the stuff I learned in the classes I liked. I couldn't really connect to my peers, but I always loved my teachers and probably ended up talking to them more than any of my classmates. Biology, spanish, art, history, and literature classes were also all very interesting to me- sometimes fun.

Otherwise, I've hated school with a passion ever since I started middle school.

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Fri May 24, 2019 12:38 am
Dossereana says...

For me it is hard to make friends, I get blooded and I never fit in with crowd of girls and boys.
I hate my math at any time, I hate how long the hours of class is, when most of the time its just a wast of my time, for sometimes they don't seem to be teaching anything,
I hate it when I want to ask a question but the question get ignored and I never get my answer to it, and if I do ever get answer it is a very sloppy quick answer that does not tell much.

Otherwise to say the most, I hate school from every day week month and year forward and back when I first went.

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Sat May 25, 2019 5:59 am
Liberty says...

Get ready.

When I'm trying to ask the teacher to let me go to the bathroom and he/she never lets me. And ends up that I get detention for racing out of class. I try telling the principal that it's for the janitors benefit and that it's the teachers fault. But NO. No one fricking listens! Gee. Now look who needs to learn manners.
Thankfully, and, somehow, I get away with detention. ;)

When I get a crush, but then, turns out they just distract me from life. And then I find out that they were a useless piece of junk. But then I keep on crushing on other people after finding out the previous one was a jerk. At the moment, I am crush free, thank goodness. WELL, ANYHOO.

When I try to ask a question that's really important, and it could make me fail a quiz, and the teacher doesn't answer it. And then someone else answers it and then THEY get the praise for being such a good student. What the hell? I'm right here.
It's actually the worst ever thing. So annoying.

Okay, so, as you may not know, it is very hard for m to make friends. It takes years to build a proper trust in them and stuff.
So, the worst thing here, is that when I make an amazing friend but then at the end of the school year, they ditch me and go to the cool group. I'm over it now. WHATEVER. Ugh, and you know what happened once? This girl, she used to bully me like I was s*** and she literally, I swear to god I wanted to slap her right there and then, she came up to me the next school year all cheery and asked: Wanna be BFFs?
I said no. I don't care about her. And she's extremely rude and horrible and she cruel. I also said that she should get lost in her miserable life. That made her cry, but I don't care. Why should I? Huh?
Whatever, this is it for now.

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Sat Jun 01, 2019 8:00 am
Dilbert64 says...

Time limits in tests. When I'm doing a test it is usually not how much I know about the subject that ends up mattering, but how fast I can do it. I write very slowly.

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