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2011 YWS Best Award WINNERS

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Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:40 pm
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Big Brother says...

The results are in!

The YWS Best Awards were started back in 2005 for a bit of fun competition. The entire site gets together to judge who they believe is the best of the best after having lived some part of the previous year on YWS. It’s not an easy decision, and in fact, the judging afterward was a bit crazy even with all the nominations sent in. Sweat and tears were involved while hacking through jungles of PMs, dodging gruesome conversational traps, and finally fighting out of the inbox with the bag of username-goodies -- with a giant rolling boulder quite determined in getting them back.

Well, okay. That’s a bit of an under- over-statement.

While the Awards had begun in 2005, they were continued in the upcoming years of 2006, 2007, and later in 2009. Though 2010 may not have seen its Awards happen (and, needless to say, 2008), it only set an even broader stage for the Awards of 2011. Every time they were held, however, it has always been for the pure enjoyment of recalling those wonderful memories gathered over the long year behind us. They’re nothing official, but who doesn’t love a good questionnaire?

The YWS Best Awards of 2011 brought together many names and many hard choices in the end. However, there was a victor selected by majority vote in every category. The very thought of receiving so many names in each category implies the fantastic success of this site and, most importantly, its members.

Now, enough of that! On to the results!


Best Overall Member - Snoink

    The Young Writers Society has a lot of aspects to it: blogs, storybooks, debates, Knowledge Base, writing tips, the many genres offered to read, write, and review, plus so much more. It’s hard to bounce from one part to the next without thinking twice, but Snoink makes it look easy! A well-talented writer devoted to the site’s features and environment, Snoink is a prime example of your typical YWS member -- a member who participates in whatever she can with the enthusiasm necessary to make the site even more enjoyable. Congratulations, Snoink, for receiving this award. It is most certainly well-deserved!

Funniest Member - Skins

    Need a laugh? Talk to Skins! You’ll find yourself falling out of your chair, doubling over, and holding your stomach in place while you listen to the sarcasm, puns, jokes, and downright hilarity of the Skins. (Use extreme caution: Injuries have occurred.) Skins is not only an entertainment to the members but an excellent example of the general community of YWS. It’s not always about serious writing but rather friendship and enjoyment. Thank you, Skins, for encouraging a lighthearted atmosphere on YWS!

Most Helpful Member / Friendliest Member - Rosey Unicorn

    Everyone has a question once in a while, whether you’re a new member or an old fart. Rosey Unicorn is more than happy to answer any concerns you have! She knows the site like the back of her hand and is always willing to learn more for the sake of helping others. Her dedication in helping others is admirable, and no one’s heart can match her own. Not only is she helpful around the site, but her knowledge of writing is astounding, and she’s always more than happy to help her fellow writers improve and understand their endeavors. Give a warm congratulations to Rosey for her hard work!

Spam Master (a.k.a. Most Overly-Active Member) - ChocoCookie

    There are some members who you will always see online, and ChocoCookie is one of our most frequent! Whether she’s reviewing, greeting, or posting in the Randomosity forum, you’ll always find a Choco post wherever you look. She’s one of our spunkiest, having visited and left her mark in many of the forums and features offered by YWS. Congratulations, Choco, and don’t forget to catch some fresh air once in a while!

Best Reviewer of Prose - RachaelElg

    Choosing a top reviewer is always difficult, and in fact, many names were nominated for this category. However, RachaelElg was decided upon as the best reviewer for prose. She encourages the author and gives helpful feedback, sharing what she liked about the piece as well as what could be done to improve. Her enthusiasm to review is shown in the quality of her comments, and she gives the editing process a whole new, exciting perspective. It’s always important for the reviewer to show an interest in helping the author improve, and Rachael’s love of writing shows through her willingness to better the talents of her peers, teach others the tips and tricks she’d learned for prose, and encourage an exciting writing environment. Well done, Rachael! Keep up the brilliant work!

Best Reviewer of Poetry - PenguinAttack

    This category was even closer than the reviewer of prose, but in the end, the members of YWS decided upon PenguinAttack as the best reviewer of poetry for 2011. Poetry is a very unique form of writing, and Penguin has a firm grasp of the subject. You’ll find she offers encouragement for the author in question and also provides constructive feedback. In addition to these comments, she shows an interest in helping the author find ways in how to improve the piece, displaying an excellent form of instruction as a reviewer. Well done, Penguin! Your efforts are admired!

Best Poet - Persy

    2011 saw an interesting influx of fabulous poets, and thus, this spot was quite a gladiatorial battle of its own. However, Persy won in the end, due to her elegant writing style, displaying a firm grasp of emotion, imagery, and vocabulary. She paints the picture of her message in such beautiful colors, one can’t help but to appreciate her work. Persy’s talent in poetry is admirable to all aspiring-poets, putting her as a prime example and idol on YWS. Keep writing, Persy!

Best Writer - Sachiko

    It takes a lot of dedication to write stories, novels, articles, and other similar works which require days, weeks, months, or even years of baby-sitting and constant editing. Many of the members on YWS have such a quality, but Sachiko was one who displayed it the most. You will always find her writing, revising, and editing her work until it pleases not only herself, but her audience as well. She has the imagination and persistence in what she writes, and it keeps her readers wanting more. Keep writing, Sachiko!

Best Debater - Snoink

    Snoink was found to be the best debater of 2011. Debating is a difficult task and/or hobby, but Snoink proves that wrong in pointing out her opinions, backing them up with reliable research, and overall, encouraging a friendly environment in the debates she participates in. If you want a good, healthy discussion, Snoink is certainly your best candidate. Bravo to Snoink on displaying an excellent example for debaters everywhere!

Best Lyricist - Mikko

    Music is a popular media industry in all of history. What better way to express the way you feel to others than through words and music? Mikko shows us the true potential of music in the lyrics she writes. Her words are both powerful and melodious in portraying the emotion of her message. Well done, Mikko! Keep up the great work!

Best Artist - xXBlackSheepXx

    There is a wide range of styles in art, which made the choice inevitably difficult to make for everyone. However, the votes came down to our dear xXBlackSheepXx as the best artist on YWS. Sheep’s style is simple yet clean, and her use of colors and brushes is beautiful, bringing life to all her work. She’s an excellent example of the talent YWS has outside the world of words. Congratulations, Sheep! Your work is admired!

Best Scriptwriter - RobsterJames

    Another use of a writer’s talent, scripts are an ever-growing industry in the author’s career choices. Robster displays an excellent talent in creating well-written scripts for any media -- whether it be television or stage. His devotion to this area is admirable as well, and if you express any interest in scriptwriting of any sort, take a look at his work! He’ll give you more encouragement in your endeavors. Keep up the great job, Robster!

Best Storybooker - Isha

    Storybooks is a sort of role-playing on YWS, requiring more than one member to get together and co-write a story of whatever interest they have -- whether it be fan-fiction or completely original. Isha’s done it all, knowing fully the ups, downs, and secrets in between when it comes to writing a successful storybook. She encourages teamwork among her fellow writers and helps develop a beautifully written storybook while promoting a fun environment in the process. Interested in trying out Storybooks? Isha’s the one to go to!

Best Moderator - Lumi

    The YWS is certainly an ever-growing community with an ever-increasing amount of members. This kind of growth requires a staff to help keep the YWS environment family-friendly and writing-promotional. Lumi is an excellent example of the talent behind the moderator squad. He provides the willingness to help the members and an excitement for writing in general. His activity encourages a friendly environment for all ages and all members. Special thanks to Lumi for his hard work and dedication to the YWS of 2011!

Best Story - The Massiveness of How Sad It Was to Want Someone by thatoddkid (Here.)

    Though the story was taken down by the author, it is quite clear that thatoddkid has marvelous talent under his belt and that this story displayed it perfectly. He has the dedication for editing and improving his own projects until it’s up to his standards wholeheartedly. Maybe one day, it will be posted again -- Perhaps we’ll see it in stores! -- but in the meantime, take a look at some of his other fabulous works on YWS. You’ll learn that this member’s talent isn’t one to ignore!

Best Poem - A Ronson Kiss by Lumi (Here.)

    Lumi presents his poetry abilities in a well-written poem called A Ronson Kiss, using a beautiful mixture of metaphors and emotion to describe a lingering love and its consequences. Take a look at one of Lumi’s most popular and loved works, a prime example of the poetic talent YWS has to offer. Well done, Lumi! Your work never ceases to amaze!

Best Storybook - Pokebook (Kanto) (Here.)

    Storybooks are fun co-writing projects YWS has to offer, dedicating an entire forum to them. Many members find themselves devoting the majority of their membership to writing these. It takes a lot of dedication, patience, and enthusiasm to write a storybook with not only the entertainment value but also the quality to accompany it. Pokebook (Kanto) is written by a wide variety of writers (including novelists, poets, and even artists), providing a perfect example of the potential teamwork this site has to offer -- and the story’s not done! Sit back and enjoy a fun-filled storybook, and be inspired to participate in a storybook yourself!

Best Off-Topic Topic - YWS Screencaps (Here.)

    The Young Writers Society is just that -- a society for young writers -- but sometimes, you need a break from the literary world into the community life of YWS. As a result, you find some hilarious, precious, and/or embarrassing moments on the site that you can’t help but capture through photograph and share with your friends. YWS Screencaps is a popular thread filled with such on-site moments and treasuring those memories we all love and enjoy. It’s a blast from the past when you read through this picture album!

Best Club - You Are Beautiful (No link provided.)

    YWS has had clubs for years, whether they were called usergroups, pages, or... clubs! Many of them are popular and considerably active. Some clubs are for discussion, some clubs are for updates, and others are just for plain fun! You Are Beautiful is a club that will leave you feeling just that -- beautiful. Visit the club the next chance you get to see what all the hubbub is about!*

Best Blog - OINK! by Snoink (Here.)

    The blogs are just one of many popular features on the site, as most of us already know by now. Some writers find their talents in one or many areas, among them being blog-writing. Snoink’s blog is a popular one, filled with all kinds of well-narrated stories which provide funny, heart-wrenching, and beautiful emotions. You’ll find yourself getting hooked on what she has to say!

Best Avatar - Jenthura

    What better way to remember someone from YWS than to remember their avatar? They become the faces of the YWS members -- and each one is unique! Of course, Jenthura has different ideas in mind. He takes a well-known avatar from another user and edits it as his own -- but just enough to tease the owner! His talent in redesigning avatars into quirky and amusing icons causes a mass confusion with much success. He had better watch out -- members may decide to get right back at him!

Congratulations to everyone!

- Big Brother

*Keep in mind that the clubs have yet to return to YWS. Keep an eye out!

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Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:02 am
PenguinAttack says...

I "Like" this. Also, lol. Poetry.
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Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:23 am
ChocoCookie says...

I shall double like this! Woah. xD
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Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:11 pm
Rydia says...

I shall 'love' this. A really big congrats to all the winners (yes, poetry Pengu dearest) and a big thank you to JabberHut for running this who should totally get the 'Best Crew Leader' award or even just the 'Best JabberHut' award. Can we make that a category for next time? <3
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Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:48 pm
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Lava says...

'Best JabberHut' award
Yes pls.


This is why I love you guys. *throws heart confetti*
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Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:24 pm
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Sins says...


And there was me thinking everyone just saw me as the creeper. D'awww, thanks guys.

Congrats to all the winners! I wholeheartedly agree with most of the results and it's awesome to see everyone get the appreciation they deserve. I'd love to know who came 2nd and 3rd in all the categories. xD
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Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:45 am
Button says...

I have absolutely no idea what to say but I'm pretty shocked xD

Thanks so much <3

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Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:35 pm
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Mikko says...

:O This is awesome. *fjbhwlvsnlksskldlfkhfhaLIKESjfdlhgjghzqoueg*

I fall in love with YWS a little more each day... <3
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Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:33 am
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RacheDrache says...

I'm won for best prose reviewer? You all nominated me?!

Thank you so much! So honored. Maybe I shall show my gratitude by going and...reviewing me some prose?
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Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:58 pm
EnchantedPanda says...

Congratulations all of you award winners! All of you deserve it, you're all so amazing! :)
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Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:11 pm
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Sachiko says...

D: I am massively undeserving.

Thank you all, my loves. <3
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Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:22 pm
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Lumi says...

I don't even.
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Wed Dec 12, 2012 5:03 pm
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TheRobster1991 says...

Wow, I only just read this. Thanks!

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Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:04 am
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fireheartedkaratepup says...

Best Poem - A Ronson Kiss by Lumi

I was about to go all NOE when I realized that nominations happened before Lumi posted the one I like best.

Ok then!
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