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Hi, I'm 2012 and I'm new here.

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Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:10 am
Mikko says...

2012 wrote:

Hi everyone, I'm 2012 (you can call me '12) and I'm new around here, well not really, I've been around for about two days, but that's still kinda new.

Oh yeah, I'd like to know what you thought of my brother 2011. Did he treat you right? If not, no worries - I'll do my best to clear his mistakes. If yes, than good for you! :)

Well hey there 2012! Welcome to... the world! I'd like to answer your question. No, 2011 was a horrible year for me. Please be good to me!

Why was it a horrible year for me? Well, I'm currently living in Ivory Coast/Côte d'Ivoire (I'm sure you've heard of it), and well did you hear about the political crisis Ivorians went through? It was terrible - there was war and everything.

I had my IGCSEs and I had to move to Ghana (the neighbouring country) to write them. I was alone, without my family for about 3 months (though I had my school/class mates with me but still...). It was... an experience - I learnt how to live on my own - but I wouldn't want to relive it.

So yeah, it wasn't a good year. However I won't ramble about my life, instead I'll let someone else welcome you and talk about how their 2011 went. :)
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Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:46 pm
JabberHut says...

Hi, '12! I'm so glad to have finally met you! You know, I've heard so much about you over the coarse of the past couple years. It's really, really exciting to finally have met you face to face time.

2011 was a pretty good year overall! It had its ups and downs, but doesn't every year? ;) I think the saddest part is how quickly it went by, so I'll definitely have to better appreciate my time with you, '12! But yes, the most exciting moments include my kindle and tablet. It was a fairly expensive year, to say the least, but a most blessed time nonetheless!

I look forward to our time together, '12. Once again, welcome! It's such an honor to meet a most popular year. (Tell the End Of The World to play nice, okay? ;))
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Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:08 pm
Taxi says...

Dear '12,

please don't apocalypse me to death.


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Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:58 pm
AlmondEyes says...

Hey '12!!! welcome to the site. I can't wait to see what you write. Keeping my fingers crossed! :wink:
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Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:14 pm
Napier says...

Can I just say: thanks so much for bringing pretty much the most amazing summer of movies... ever! Batman, Spider-Man AND The Avengers?!
I love you.
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Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:15 pm
Sandvich says...

Dear 2012,
I'd rather like a billion pounds. Consider it compensation for the world's ending during your term in office.
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Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:00 am
Justagirl says...

Lyricalias wrote:Dear '12,

please don't apocalypse me to death.

Please please please! Be a nice 2012? :smt010 PLEASE

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:04 pm
Blues says...

Hey Twelve.

As much as I'd like to ask you for no more writer's block, to finish my second draft and begin on my new novel, and to actually make this year a good one (and asking my mum to stop irritating me and to get good results at school), I know you're not going to.

Usually, you're the same as the last years.

But I've got a request. A big one. I will be nice, if you do.

Don't let my brother into hospital again. I don't like swollen faces and appendixes and neither does anyone else.

Your victim.

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