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More Mold?!

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Thu Aug 10, 2023 7:35 pm
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gremlingeodes says...

Respect is a valued commodity with high demand and low quantity, so build yourself a fortune by becoming a supplier. - Gem

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Thu Aug 10, 2023 9:11 pm
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Snoink says...

Hooray! You're like moss on a stone!
Ubi caritas est vera, Deus ibi est.

"The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly." ~ Richard Bach

Moth and Myth <- My comic! :D

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Thu Aug 10, 2023 10:14 pm
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foxmaster says...


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Thu Aug 10, 2023 10:52 pm
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GengarIsBestBoy says...

Congratulations, moldy people!
It’s the spooky before Christmas!

Skid and Pump, It’s Spooky Month

[Gengar! :D]
[Spooky spirit, owl house fan, certified nerd]

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Fri Aug 11, 2023 2:00 am
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Stringbean says...

Congrats! :D <33
acethetic and paronoid
*waves leafy fronds*

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Fri Aug 11, 2023 2:07 am
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LuminescentAnt says...

The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they are often not true.
- Abraham Lincoln

LuminescentAnt ~ Lum ~ Ant

The most important service rendered by the press and the magazines is that of educating people to approach printed matter with distrust.
— Samuel Butler