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YWS Birthday Weekend 2016

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Sat Nov 12, 2016 4:22 pm
Big Brother says...

YWS' Birthday Weekend 2016

A quick reminder of the events the YWS Team have planned for YWS' twelfth birthday! We have one event planned per night, with an echo event around the same time on the other side of the world (because the world spins and is a taaaad off-kilter). Below, you'll find a time table adjusted to your timezone automatically.

America & Europe
Fri, 11th: Wink Murder & Word Wars in Chat
Sat, 12th: Jeopardy w/ Iggy & Audy
Sun, 13th: Monkeys vs. Dragons

And the mirror events roughly 12 hours earlier follow the schedule below:

Asia & Oceania
Fri, 11th: Wink Murder & Word Wars in Chat
Sat, 12th: Jeopardy
Sun, 13th: Monkeys vs. Dragons

Monday 14th is of course the YWS Birthday so you can bet there will be some people around in chat to celebrate!

We hope you're all enjoying the Birthday festivities and feel free to discuss the events or ask questions in this thread! If you've already attended one of yesterday or today's event, why not let everyone know how fun it was?

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