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Post Your Picture Here! [10]

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Wed Jul 22, 2020 8:31 pm
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Iggy says...

Damn @Hattable, you kinda look like this one dude named JK Hatt, has anyone ever told you that?
“I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then."
- Lewis Carroll

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Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:24 am
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Morrigan says...


Me with my band. I'm the one on the right.
"So many poems growing outta them they're practically a poet-tree"

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Fri Oct 30, 2020 12:38 pm
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Magebird says...

I've never posted in this thread before, but my college's literary magazine held an open mic last night that involved a costume contest - so I got to prematurely dress up in my Halloween costume for this year. It still needs some work and we'll pretend it wasn't taken in a bathroom, but this is the first picture of me I've ever shared here on YWS!


I also may or may not have forgotten to take this photo with the cool fingerless gloves I spent the entire night struggling to type with.

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Sun Dec 20, 2020 5:56 pm
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Elinor says...

Felt pretty, might delete later.
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Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:23 pm
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Carina says...

idk if this thread is still a thing but I'd feel weird posting this on my wall asdfghjsgsj

I realized I had high waisted jeans and a yellow sweater, just like my avi! so here is an awkward attempt of a high-ish level selfie as irl carina pretends to be yws carina
excuse me while i use my dirty bathroom mirror cuz i don't have a full body one lol
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