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Some Fantastic Links

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Wed Apr 13, 2011 3:00 am
Audrey says...

Recently, I have found some fantastic websites that I think fellow YWSers will find really useful. So I decided to share them with you all.

For Inspiration

100 Best First Lines - Having trouble starting that new piece? A list of the 100 best first lines in novels, as decided by the American Book Review, might be able to spark your creativity.

201 Ways to Jump Start Your Creativity - A fantastic list for those that are suffering from writers block, great advice. (There are minor sexual references at the beginning of the article, if you skip straight to list you will avoid them)

The 100 Most Beautiful Words- Maybe one of these pretty words will be the spark that lights the fire of a great idea.

One Sentence - These are true stories, told in one sentence. If you ever needed inspiration for a plot of a short story, or for a new character, this is a treasure trove. One sentence, and you start creating stories for people involved. Kind of like people watching, with a different spin.

One Word - This site gives you one word, which you then speedwrite on for a minute. You can submit what you wrote and see what others wrote for the same word. You never know what might finally untangle that writers block.

Creative Writing Prompts - A list of 346 prompts that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

For Writers

General Fiction Tips & Tricks - Tips on everything from character development to plot and setting. The site is a bit dated, but still extremely relevant, seriously awesome advice.

Free Rhyming Dictionary - Need that one perfect rhyme to finish off that poem? This is the tool for you. You can search six different types of rhymes, from ending rhymes to triple rhymes.

Resolve to be a More Productive Writer- An article on how to start writing, and keep writing. Tips on how to write more, more often.

So You Wanna Publish a Book? - A clear, concise article about the steps that go into getting published. Includes tips on how to write a query letter and proposal.

For Readers

Read Print - A library of hundreds of classic novels, plays, short stories, and poems. All free and neatly organized.

Date a Girl Who Reads - A really cute blog that I thought you all would enjoy.

What Should I Read Next? - This is a search engine where you enter one of your favorite books, and it comes up with a list of similar books that you will probably like. It's great if you need a new book, but aren't sure what to read.

The 100 Best Books of All Time - Need something to read? Try one of these classics.

Hope you find them useful!
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Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:12 pm
EmilyofREL says...

These are awesome!! i found one more. ... sdays.html This whole blog is amazing and this is an "Emotional Thesaurus" of how to show different situations.
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