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Helpful link - Turkey City Lexicon

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Sat Nov 20, 2004 11:19 pm
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Cacophony says...

I stumbled on the this link a while ago. It lists common problems in science fiction and fantasy but a lot of it probably applies to writing in general too. Anyway, it's helpful so I figured I'd share it. Turkey City Lexicon

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Sun Nov 21, 2004 12:50 am
Elelel says...

This is another helpful link, down the side is says For Writers, there are very useful things for any genre there.
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Wed Nov 24, 2004 8:27 pm
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Firestarter says...

Both fo those links are really really helpful!

Thanks a lot guys.
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Sun Jan 09, 2005 5:22 am
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Sam says...

oh yes...very helpful!
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