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My Generic Hello Post of Hello-Ness.

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Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:04 pm
Ardensfax says...


I have just discovered this site and thought that it looked amazing, so I've signed up. I currently write practically all the time, and I've written things since on-and-off I was about 8. I'm just about 17 now. (For the record, I only really count myself as 'writing' per se this last year or two, as everything before that was so painfully dreadful.)

I'm currently working on a novel, (it's just hit about 40,000 words), as well as various poems and song lyrics. Once the story's complete and edited, I hope to try for publication. (I confidently expect to fail, but if you don't try you can't succeed.)

In case it's relevant, I listen almost permanently to music of some kind, mostly Marillion, Nightwish, Biffy Clyro, or Loreena McKennitt.

Anyway, that's me. Sorry for the exhaustive hello post and overuse of brackets.
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Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:34 pm
Blues says...

Hey, Ardensfax! May I call you Ardens?

Welcome to YWS! I'm AhmadBlues, aka Ahmad/Blues/Blue/Ducky/MadDisco/Jazzy/Ahm/Ahem/Mac ... yes, we tend to make nicknames for each other.

You've come to the right place! YWS is a great site with so much to do, from reading and reviewing to chatting to storybooking... You'll probably hear stuff like 'profiles', 'clubs', 'contests' around the site. YWS has undergone renovation and all of those features are coming back. Lots of people will be looking at these new things unsure about the new features as they come for a day or so. But it's all coming back!

So, what's your novel about? What genre do you enjoy writing and reading?

Lyrics? Poems? Ooh, I know a ton of people who know lots about those kind of things. I'm sure you'll find other people that share your passion. I like writing fiction personally. Feel free to Message me if you'd like your first critique in fiction (because unfortunately I have no idea about lyrics and Poems).

So, that's it! Feel free to message me if you've got any questions. The Guys in green are the moderators who make sure everything is running normally. Feel free to message them too - they're all friendly and will be glad to help you out!

Hope to see you around!


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