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Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:24 am
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RainyDay1119 says...

Hello, I'm Rainy Day, and nice to meet you! I live in Seoul, Sout Korea, and I am a student. I love writing, but I never finished a book yet, but I'm really trying to. I usually write middle-grade fantasy, since I tried fiction and horror but I failed on both, and I suck at poems. I think I'm going to learn a lot of things from this website! Thank you.

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Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:13 am
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xMidnightWriterx says...

Hi RainyDay1119! =]

Welcome to YWS! You'll absoloutly love it here, everyone does! I empathize with you about never finishing a book. I have about seven first chapters scattered about but none of them are getting very far! =]
And as for poetry, I suck at it! Kind of ironic seeing as I'm studying it for my A-Levels. Haha =D
You'll defintatly learn a lot of things from here, I don't think that I've met anyone who hasn't! YWS is THE best!!
YWS has had a bit of a make-over at the moment and not all it's features are up and running, but they soon will be and when they are YWS will be even more amazing then it is now =]

Anyway, welcome the YWS and I hope you post something up real soon as fantasy is one of my favourite genres and I tend to stick to reviewing there. See you around the site, Midnight x
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Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:54 pm
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ChocoCookie says...

Hey Rainy! xD

Nice name, first of all! ^.^

I hope your finding it comfortable here. Its so nice to see you. South Korea, is it? Well, I must be frank but, me and my friends are crazy of K-POP! xD If you want to see one crazy fan in YWS in my class, her name is TwistedMuffins. She is BIG FAN OF THEM! Me too! <3' Their all really pretty looking and their so cute when they sing! xD

You suck at poetry? Haha ;D I'm just the exact opposite. I only write poetry and short stories. I think I don't have the ability to finish a book and my imagination for fantasy/fiction is waayy far gone. xP

Currently, YWS is under renovation but it will soon be done by March. Hopefully. Nate, our awesome creator of YWS and the best person ever! ; is working on it. ;) And also, when you get bored, drop in by our Chat room, okay? We have loads of stuff happening there. Just join in and you'll get a hearty welcome. x)

If you want to know more about YWS, click this page.

Still confused? Spill it out here!

Bye, and hoping to see your work! :D

Cookie ^o^
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