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Hi Everyone

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Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:37 am
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EmilyWriter12345 says...

Hi Everyone I am a new member of Young writers society and I found this out after joining in April, I hope I get to post my new story/stories and read other's writing and learn about their writing style. I really like writing after founding out that my English was better than my math. I even hope that I get to meet new people :D

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Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:18 am
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xMidnightWriterx says...

Heya Emily, welcome to Young Writers Society!! =] is a great site, I'm always on it and hope to join as soon as I've got the time to spare from here =] What kind of fanfictions do you write, if you don't mind me asking?
English is definatly better the maths! Maths is just tooooo hard =D Haha
You'll certainly meet new people and you'll all be mad about the same topic, which leads to some great conversations!
Anyways, hope you post up something soon and if you need any help navigating around then feel free to PM! YWS has had a little make-over and not all of it's features are up yet, but they should be soon and then it will be even better!!! See you around the site, Midnight x
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Sat Jan 07, 2012 4:58 pm
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ChocoCookie says...

Hey Emily!

Welcome to YWS! We are very happy to see you and its a great choice of joining this website. It has more to what you say. Its not only writing, its making friends and also, helping you out. ^.^ Don't be afraid. We YWSer's don't have any hatred towards newbies like in other websites. :) We like having people around.

For now, YWS is still under renovation but, it should be done by March. =) I've heard of it, but not really joined. I hope you find this site exciting. It has lots to do! xD And when the profiles come in, OH MORE FUN! <3'

If you want to know more about YWS, you can hit this page.

Still confused? Spill it all here!

Have fun and we'll all be looking forward to your works. Soon, you'll be a professional in writing! x)

Good to see you again! Bye! :smt003

Cookie! <3'
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New to YWS? We'll help you out! <3'

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Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:48 am
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MiaParamore says...

Hey Emily!

Nice to see you. Welcome to YWS. I hope you'll enjoy yourself here and learn.

To know more people, you can visit the Chat Room which is really fun. Besides that, reviewing for others is the best way to get started. You review, people review for you.

Also, don't hesitate in asking questions. If you have any doubt, which you'll surely have since you're new, you can take help from anyone through PMs. Still, if you want anything else, contact people in green.

So, tell us more about yourself? What's your interest area in writing and reading? What all have you written till now? And do you have anything in mind you'd wish to work on? We can help you if you want to improve a certain area in your writing.

Feel free to ask questions. :)

Hope to see you around.

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