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Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:20 pm
SputnikSweetheart says...

Hello! I discovered this site as I was searching for writing tips. I really love it so far.

I suppose I should introduce myself. I come from one of the dreariest and damp countries in Europe, however the fact that it rains 5/7 days of the week and drizzles the other two has not prevented me from taking advantage of its incredible art community. I take part in art walks, indie film festivals and the like and it's a fabulous way to experience an otherwise grey place.

I write a lot of poetry, short stories, and scripts but I have never been able to write a novel. Perhaps that will be one of my goals.

I love surrealism, improvisational theatre, speculative fiction, and the opinions section in the post. I love geography, stop-motion animation, and world politics. Also, Hetalia is my guilty pleasure.

If there are any tips/tricks relating to this site, they are much welcome. Also, I'd just like to meet some other writers.

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Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:57 pm
TwistedMuffins says...

Hi there!

Trust me, you will love YWS even more when everything gets back to normal. YWS is currently going under renovation, to make it better and awesome-er, and that's all thanks to the awesome founder of YWS, Nate. Because YWS is currently under renovation, some things aren't available like notifications, profiles, points, etc., but the will be back soon.

Oh! It rains so often for you! Where I live, it hardly ever rains, and when it does, it's just for five minutes or so. It's always good to take part in various events, as you make more and more friends and as it is great experience.

Oh! We both write the same stuff! Though I only post poetry here.

Hetalia! Oh! I love Hetalia too! <3333

The only trick/tip is to keep reviewing and keep writing as it will not only improve you, but also make you new friends! If you want, you can PM me (private message. Found in my profile when you click my name) with the link to your work, and I can review it, once you post it!

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Tue Jan 03, 2012 12:40 pm
Mikko says...

Hey there Sputnik! Welcome to YWS! You have definately come to the right place if you're looking for writing tips. Trust me, there are loads, and I'm sure you'll find some that will be very helpful. There are tips of all sorts: poetry tips, short story tips, how to make your characters realistic etc...

I see you would like to meet other members. The lounge is a great place for that; you can interact with lots of other members and talk on topics of all kind - basically it's where you can relax and discuss and simply get to know each other. Or, you could go into the chat room where you can just... well chat with others. It is great fun! ;D

Oh and of course, you'll have some questions on how things work around here. Why not check out the Answers to Quesions Everyone Has thread? It should really answer just about anything you have on your mind about the site.

So, yeah, welcome. I hope you have great fun here and that you become as addicted as the rest of us (really, once you get started, you can stop xD).

Happy writing, and good luck!


- Mikko.
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