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Great To Be Here

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Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:59 pm
TheDayBeforeTomorrow says...

Hi, everyone on YWS! I just joined. (Way to state the obvious.) I was thrilled when I found this website! I've been looking for a place where I can share my creativity, excluding school, because my English teacher, despite being awesome, is very harebrained and tends to lose stuff easily, and I have a bad habit of giving her the only copy of my work. Also, my friends aren't great critics, and sadly, neither are my parents. I'll submit some stuff soon, and again, THIS WEBSITE IS REALLY COOL! :D
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Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:24 pm
Justagirl says...

Hi there, welcome!

I'm Justagirl, but you can call me Just, and I really love YWS! I'm so glad you joined :)

If you ever need any help you can PM me or anybody in Green, I or them will be great at helping you and will respond ASAP.

If you'd like a quick review I'm told I'm very good at reviewing poetry and art but I'm glad to do anything else, too :)

So, what do you like to write? I'm really into poetry and flash fiction, at the moment.... :)

When you're looking around the site don't be afraid to post questions if you don't understand anything, just be sure you don't do anything in chatspeak... (i.e. "c u l8r" and such) People don't like it much. Also, see if you can stay away from ginourmous caps unless you need it. Italics and bolding is just as good :D

Anyways, welcome to the site! I'm really happy you joined and I can't wait to see you around the forums :) If you ever have any questions just ask! ;)

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Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:12 am
starrgazer says...

Hey welcome!! I totally get how you feel; when I found this site, I was also thrilled that I finally found somewhere to review and be reviewed. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me :) You are going to love it here.

A few things to get you started:

-Review!! It gets you more points for more posts and sometimes, will earn you reviews back too. Its also a way to get to know the yws users.
-Join contests and clubs- again, great way to interact, get your work out there and meet new people!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to see your work! :)
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Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:26 am
EnchantedPanda says...

Hello TheDayBeforeTomorrow,

Welcome to Young Writers Society :smt006 , I can assure you we're all really happy to have you here with us and I hope you spend the time to stick around :smt023 ! Some of the writing related features on here include "writing contests", "blogs", "Clubs", "Storybooks" and of course reading and receiving and writing reviews. There is bound to be something you'll enjoy and through practice you can only grow better, right?

If you ever need any help you can PM me or anybody in Green, I or them will be great at helping you and will respond ASAP.
Ditto! I'll also be happy to help you if you have absolutely any questions and remember "no question is a stupid question". :)

I really look forward to seeing you around and I look forward to reading your writing! I hope you have fun around Young Writers Society!

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Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:55 pm
AstridBartleby says...

Great to have you here! If you're willing to put in effort at the beginning to get your name out there, YWS is a great place to have people look at your work and give feedback on it. Don't get discouraged if not everyone is waxing lyrical about everything you write right away. Read all serious reviews with care, and think about their suggestions, because they usually have your best interests in mind.

If you need any help getting started, let me know!
-"Astrid" :smt006
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