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Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:08 pm
Aley says...

Name: Aley
Age: 22
What You Write: I love to write poetry and I've dabbled in short stories and novels. I try to keep sentence structure clean and easy to follow, but mainly I work on themes and plot development or characters. Within the poetry I typically focus on style, theme, and creativity. Word choice and structure are a big deal for me. In short stories and novels I like Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-fi, and Action. Romance isn't quite my thing although I won't diss it.

What You Review: I mainly review poetry. It's quicker for me to get into that mindset and with everything going on in life right now I don't have a lot of time to sit and really delve into a long novel. I do review short stories, prose, and other pieces sometimes too, but that's mainly when I am requested to do so. I'm willing to get into a novel right now if it is at the beginning and we can have discussions about it. I love to discuss novels more than review them.

What You Read: I read a lot of things but my favorite are poetry things. I am not a fan of romantic poetry. It tends to get on my nerves pretty quick when it's really sappy. I love poetry dealing with intense metaphors and similes, alliteration, syntax, and other structural things. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to that though.
When I'm reading short stories or novels I need something that's very interesting and posted in short bits due to the natural world. If you're working on beginning a novel I love to help set them up and work though the beginning stages of character development, plot, setting, themes, and syntax again.

Your "Specialty": I feel that I specialize in thematic poetry. Some styles are also things that I typically feel I'm pretty good at such as the villanelle.

What Time's You're Online:
I'm on at a smattering of times but I'm always willing to help through PMs, reviews, wall posts, and other such things. Currently I'm mostly on during the week Monday Wednesday and Friday. If you need different times than that we can work something out to talk.

Five Random Things About You:
I'm in college
I have fish
I weave
I paint
My first complete Novel was last NaNoWriMo and it needs editing still.

Anything You'd Perfre Not to Read: I don't really want to read anything that's horror related. Romance in poetry is another one that I typically will rip apart. For general genres, I don't know much about prose or lyrics, so I wouldn't be best for that.

If you have any other questions then send me a PM or a Chat Message.


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Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:36 am
ArcticMonkey says...


name: ArcticMonkey but 'Arc' is fine.
age: 14

what you write: Mostly realistic fiction, lyrics and some poetry.
what you review: Everything! Although my prose reviews are much stronger than my poetry reviews.

what you read: Quite a lot of classics and realistic fiction, again.

your "specialty": I'd say my strong point of reviewing are punctuation and grammar, character development and point of views.

what times you are online: I'm in the GMT timezone, and school means I won't be on on weekdays until about 4.30pm. but after 4.30, I'm usually on until the evening. Weekends are slightly less consistent, but I try and get on as regularly as possible.
five random things about yourself:
1. I play guitar and I really enjoy music
2. I really like watching films! I'm on a mission to watch all the films. Right now, i really like Mafia/Crime films, so Goodfellas and stuff like that.
3. I am an obsessive chewer, as in I can't live without chewing gum.
4. I really enjoy English Football or 'Soccer' and I support Liverpool FC!
5. I love to write! (duhhhh)

anything you'd prefer not to read: To be honest, I enjoy reading everything!
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Sun Apr 14, 2013 5:33 pm
champ321 says...

name: Jamie
age: 22

what you write: Mostly realistic fiction; I like to delve in fantasy and forbidden realms veiled by the remnants of the Victorian Age (; The fiction nobody talks about but is on everyone's mind.

what you review: Everything! I prefer to offer my considerations to prose.

what you read: I love everything from essays, screenplays, to biographies.

your "specialty": I give the best advice in perspective and descriptive details. I look for inconsistencies in the flow of the story.

what times you are online: I'm online as much as possible. This site is actually one of the first I open upon getting up in the morning. It is my Facebook. It is my distraction from finals week.

five random things about yourself:
1. I am a Senior at the University of Central Florida
2. I don't have many friends nowadays because I stop conforming to the pressures of society. I am a anarchist, baby. The true and tried kind (;
3. I love Italian food.
4. I can wakeboard.
5. I am going to be a revolutionary.

anything you'd prefer not to read: Good writing, capable of pioneering a generation to a new age of The United States!
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Fri May 10, 2013 7:10 pm
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SushiSashimi333 says...

name: Anything is fine, as long as I know who you're talking to. Just don't say my actual name, that would be creepy since only Noel knows.

age: 14

what I write: fantasy or anything that really comes to mind. Science fiction is also a favorite.

what I review: anything that isn't super mushy romance or really scary horror. Poetry isn't my forte but I will every now and then.

what I read: science fiction, fantasy, action/adventure, comedy, anything fiction really.

my specialty: plot development and character development.

when am I online: I honestly don't know.

five random facts about me:
1. My mother did not give birth to me.
2. My thoughts are random and I tend to have difficulty in conversations due to this.
3. I like to play sports such as tennis and I tap dance.
4. I am Chinese but I had and have no interest in learning Mandarin.
5. Noelsugarcube and I are best friends!

I don't read: horror or super mushy romance.
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Wed May 15, 2013 6:12 pm
Jonathan says...


age: 12

what you write: I love to write fantasy and sometime I will write a book that is history/fantasy and I also like to write poetry.

what you review: I will review anything big or small.

what you read: The Rangers Apprentice (a bunch of books) The Percy Jackson and the Olympians books and the Inheritance books.

your "specialty": Poetry I love poetry in all ways to review and to write.

what times you are online: I am always on on Wednesday and Monday and Saturday.(That does not mean I am no all day.)

five random things about yourself: I love to eat Roman noodles, I do not like being called kid of immature("Your only limit its your soul."), my dad died three years ago, I don't care if people call me names, I have a little bit of a problem with my teeth.

anything you'd prefer not to read: Cursing, I will read anything if it is for someone.
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Wed May 29, 2013 5:09 pm
Skydreamer says...

name: Anything! The general nickname I get is: Dreamy. But, if you have a fun name that I don't mind, sure! :D (Also, there is an actual member called Dreamy...so yeah, other nicknames are surely welcomed!) Maybe we could make one together. :P

age: I am 16 going on 17.

what you write: I went through a phase where I wrote a lot of uncompleted novels,(with some completed poems thrown in here and there) but then had a revelation that I really write short stories and poems. So, that's it (for the moment).

what you review: I can only truly promise the best reviews (and quickest) on short stories and poems, mainly poems. I can also review scripts if they are not too long. And I can also review song lyrics! That would be fun!

what you read: I read romance, yes I do. I read some suspense (very limited.) I read a lot of realistic fiction and a lot of classics, and I love historical fictions.

your "specialty": My "specialty" would be organizing a poem in a fun way to read, and then "spicing up" as I like to call it, poems, short stories and stories in general. Basically my "spicing up" would be suggestions of imagery and creative additions to the prose and works, and also revisions on how things are written. I really want to stay with however the story/poem is meant to go, but help to make it more, connecting, interesting, fun; basically add whatever the writer needs to take it over the top.

what times you are online: I am kind of all over the place with my times. But on a stable basis, I should be on in the evenings in Hong Kong time. (GMT +8:00) The exact times vary, but if you are in the U.S or near EST times it's about 12 hours less than us here. So, if it's 10 pm for me, it would be your time 10 am.

five random things about yourself:

1. I love, love chocolate chip cookies.
2. I like car racing games.
3. I can speak Mandarin Chinese and lived in China for 7 years.
4. I love to sing, I am dubbed simply "okay" by my sister but since she has high standards I usually take that as a compliment. :P
5. My favorite color of all time is yellow!

anything you'd prefer not to read: Well, basically I don't want anything R rated. I can't review anything too extreme and I prefer not to do real horrors, but some suspense is okay. Again just no extremities, and I would also prefer no cursing.

Can't wait :D!
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Sat Jun 01, 2013 3:05 pm
Nike says...


name: Nike, or anything really, I'm up for new nicknames
age: 18

what you write: Teen Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Realistic, Short Stories, Fantasy. I don't write poems, not a big fan of them either. I have written many uncompleted novels in my time.

what you review: Teen Fiction, Romantic, Short Stories, Fantasy. If you want me to review anything else, I'd be glad to! I don't have any problems reviewing what you have.

what you read: John Green, Lauren Myracle, Sarah Dessen, Sarah Mlynowski

your "specialty": Short stories, character development, Storybooks, reviewing, grammar/punctuation.

what times you are online: Standard Central (Chicago, Ill, USA). I'm on usually in the mornings, afternoons and night, depending if I'm working or at school or just busy.

five random things about yourself: I love Rock music. I am a shipper, it's bad. I have a Tumblr. I have a small puppy named Suzy. I can speak Polish fluently, dziendobry!

anything you'd prefer not to read: I like Teen fiction, Romance, sometimes fantasy. I like Fan Fiction too. Hate slash, do not give me slash, it terrifies me. I can do horror/thriller. Rather mystery than thriller.
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Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:31 pm
SecreteJournalist says...

Name: Brianna/Brie
Age: 13
What You Write: Poetry for sure. I also write short stories. I will write any genera that I feel like writing.
What You Review: Poetry is easier to review for me, but I will review anything.

What You Read: I read anything. At all. No matter what. Its kinda cool to just see a book that stands out to me. The only book I have not managed to get through was war an peace!

Your "Specialty": For writing? Oh ok.. I specialize in poetry, but don't get me wrong, if I am in a good mood, I may write a really short story.

What Time's You're Online: Just whenever I am not busy with my social life I guess.

Five Random Things About You:
I have 7 pets.
I love any music that is not country, country is nails on a chalkboard to me.
I am in the Paganism religion, not everyday you see someone like me (:
I cant whistle o.o
I have only been to one other country besides the USA, which is Canada

Anything You'd Perfre Not to Read: School math textbooks count? I am not a big fan of anime, but thats my opinion. Please dont hold it against me >.<
"I write for fear of silence." Apartment - Young The Giant

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Sat Jun 22, 2013 10:32 pm
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umaima says...

Umaima, or nicknames would work too but that depends on how they are.

Age: 15

What you write:
Basically Stories, poems and songs. My prefarable genres are usually romance, Comedy, Fiction and Dramatic. short stories aren't really my cup of tea though.

What you review:
Anything and everything though I would avoid songs because I think people write songs trying to describe something which is a particular feeling or thought now changing it or giving opinions on it is like knowing nothing about a subject but still talking about it (my opinion)

What you read:
I love reading romantic stories basically comedy too. But in spite this special interest I can read anything, thoughI would keep away from stories like those made by william shakespear, I am not really a fan of those types.

Yous speciality:
I talk a lot so I can help you overcome boredom lol.
hmm, I think I am good at advicing and convincing people to do stuff...
Poetry is what I cover most and I guess my grammer is quite good too (unless I am writing while I am on my bed and with my mobile, that is an exception)

Five random things:
1. I am a vegetarian but I can still eat chiken nuggets.

2. I love singing, basically it's what I do for the whole day.

3. I love animated movies and can watch them as many times as possible.

4. My first love is and has always been music lol

5. I can tolerate any type of person but not ill-mannared.

Anything you would prefer not to read:
Science fiction, please keep me out of it. whenever I read something like that my brain goes drifting in the woods and I go all blank so yeah, no sci-fic please.

“The strong person is not the one who can wrestle someone else down. The strong person is the one who can control himself when he is angry.”

“It is better to sit alone than in company with the bad; and it is better still to sit with the good than alone.”

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Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:09 pm
Karzkin says...

Karzkin, Le K, Mentoro.


what you write:

what you review:

what you read:
Poetry, some literary fiction.

your "specialty":
Content and imagery in poetry.

what times you are online:
Literally all the time. Time zone is Australian Eastern (i.e. GMT +10).

five random things about yourself:
I play the saxophone. A lot.

I used to own the world's greatest moustache.

I am the 4-time world-champion of telling bad jokes.

I sold my soul to MeanMrMustard in exchange for my evil powers.

One time Regina George punched me in the face. It was awesome.

anything you'd prefer not to read:
Anything that's not poetry.
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Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:46 pm
yubbies21 says...

name: Emma, Em, E, yubbies, The Yubster (not yupster!)

age: 13, 14 in October

what you write: Mostly poetry, but I dabble in short stories, and am trying out this whole novel thing. I love fantasy, especially medieval fantasy, but do enjoy writing teen fiction

what you review: Mostly poetry, but I will review short stories.

what you read: The Inheritance Cycle, The Hunger Games, anything by Gail Carson Levine or Jessica George Day. Mostly fantasy stories with magic, elves, kings, queens, battles, that sort of thing.

your "specialty": I'd have to say, realistic dialogue and descriptions.

what times you are online:Time zone: UTC/GMT -8 hours. I'm on several times during the day, but the best time to catch me would be 6-9 pm weeknights.

five random things about yourself:

1. I have a teacher, Mr.Ko, who drives me insane
2. I play flag football
3. I want to be a teen counselor
4. I have four siblings
5. I am the most awesome person alive

anything you'd prefer not to read: Horror is a big no-no. No Fan Fiction, slash, steampunk, or romance. I'm going to steer clear of R-rated things. I don't enjoy lyrics or novel chapters, but maybe I'll take a look if you ask nicely...

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Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:53 pm
Messenger says...

name: (what you want your buddy to call you) Message or Mess.
age: 14. Going to be fifteen in 10 days!

what you write:Mostly Fantasy. Medieval style for the most part. I write a little bit of modern settings as well, but enjoy making up my own worlds and creating my own names for them and so on. My writing, although fantasy, contains no magic or wizardry of any kind.
what you review:I review basically anything that is not rated for Language or Mature content. I don;t review essays or short stories as much, but if someone needs a review in one of those categories, I oblige them. I tend to not like to read extremely long stuff, but once again I still do if it's good, or if the user needs some reviews.

what you read: (published works, not on YWS) I read all sorts of stuff. Historical fiction, fiction, fantasy. Modern-time fiction, ancient world fiction. Th Hunger games and other things in that genre not so much, but I don't completely avoid it. No romance though. I can take books that have romance in them, but no romantic books.

your "specialty": (eg: character development, punctuation in poetry, writing action scenes, &c.) My specialty is probably with characters (emotions, attitudes, stuff like that) and I'm not too bad at action scenes. I'm OK with punctuation, but that is definitely my strong point.

what times you are online: (include time zone!) I am online quite a lot! :D Uhh time zone, lets see. Eastern United States time zone. I think. Usually 11:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. I am on and off, but you should be able to catch me. I'm not too busy for the most part.

five random things about yourself:1. I love to play NHL Hockey 12 on the PS3. 2. I am in an amazing youth group at my church. 3. I am a Christian. 4. I am currently around 140 in the review rankings all-time. 5. I love to eat food.

anything you'd prefer not to read: (eg: if you don't read slash, you might not want to buddy up with a Harry/Draco 'shipper, and so on) I don't read romance-only novels although I am usually OK with poetry romance, nothing rated for Mature content or extreme language. I don't care much for deep fantasy and magical stuff.

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Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:15 pm
Clarity says...

name: Clarity, Clar, Clare, Clary.
age: 16

what you write: I mainly write poetry, the next most common is short stories... I'm writing a novel, but it's not getting very far XD But yeah, mostly poetry.
what you review: I think I'm more suited to reviewing poetry because I write a lot of it myself. But, I'll review anything you want me to, although I'm not too good at reviewing chapters unless I've been following the story. So I'll review them, but only if I've read the previous chapters.

what you read: I read mostly fiction, such as supernatural. But I read other types of fiction too. I read crime novels... I'm trying to get into Great Expectations, but I'm not having much luck. But I do love to read!

your "specialty": My specialty... Probably everything to do with poetry. I can review poems in a lot of detail and point out punctuation and language devices... So, poetry is my specialty.

what times you are online: Weekdays between 5pm and 10pm GMT/UTC +0h. On weekends, between 12pm and 3/4pm GMT/UTC +0h, then sometimes later on between 7pm and 12am GMT/UTC +0h.

five random things about yourself: Hm... I'm a total bookworm, I love heavy metal and rock music, I express my personality through my makeup, if you ask my opinion on something I'll be 100% honest, I'm a little weird. XD

anything you'd prefer not to read: The only thing that I don't particularly like reading is full on pure romance stuff. I'll read it if you really want me to, but I'd prefer not to. I'll read anything else though! :)
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Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:23 pm
dragonfphoenix says...

Name: Knight Dragon
Age: 18 in human years. But if you go by my story age...I'm ancient.

What you write: Fantasy, a little Sci-Fi, writing advice and philosophy essays, and the occasional poem
What you review: Almost anything.

What you read: Fantasy (which includes mythology, folklore, fairytales...), Classics, the occasional Sci-Fi or mystery, and whatever really good book gets recommended to me.

Your "specialty": grammar and punctuation, plot structure, story concepts

What times you are online: Intermittently throughout the day. Predominately after 5:00 P.M. (or 1700 hrs.) in EST.

Five random things about yourself: I built my own Rubik's cube. I memorized 102 digits of pi for kicks and giggles (and learned about the pi vs. tau debate). I am not the only person that reads encyclopedias and dictionaries for fun and inspiration. My most popular story was created by accident. I can hit high soprano notes when I sing falsetto.

Anything you'd prefer not to read: fanfics.
D.F.P., Knight Dragon

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