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Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:51 pm
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TheClosetKidnapper says...


Spoiler! :
I PM'd a few months ago and was never gotten back to after being told that I would once the opportunity arose. The thread for permission won't work for me, nor the PM. I hope this is okay.

Name: Up, Rocky, anything really...

Age: 15

What you write: Anything with a possiblility of suspense. Usually fantasy, science fiction, action/adventure, and romance.

What you review: I'll review anything from novel chapters to short stories to poetry. Those I know the most about and will be able to better help with.

What you read: Anything by James Patterson, Anthony Horowitz, Margaret Peterson Haddix... The Percy Jackson series, the Last Olympians series. I'm pretty diverse when it comes to reading.

Your "specialty": Details or character development (or so I've been told :wink: )

What times you are online: Weekdays - from 2:30 pm to 10:30 pm Central Standard Time. Weekends - just about all day. I'm also on between 5:40 t0 6:30 am during weekdays.

Five random things about yourself:

1. I don't like talking on the phone.
2. I'm very 'opinionated', but nice.
3. I like animals of all kinds...just not insects.
4. I would rather live with my characters in their world than in the real world, but who doesn't?
5. I listen to all kinds of music while writing, not even knowing half the songs that come on.

Anything you'd prefer not to read: Scripts, just because I don't know how to review them, nonfiction and extreme magic (by that I mean I have a certain limit when it comes to wizards and witches. Anything further than Harry Potter and I'll have a problem).

I'd love to mentor someone. :)
I'm never what I like
I'm double sided
And I just can't hide
I kind of like it
When I make you cry
'Cause I'm twisted up, twisted up

twenty one pilots

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Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:16 pm
elysian says...



What you like to write: I love to write poetry mostly. but I am also working on a book about superhumans,love,suspense,and mystery.

What you Read: I like the action romance. things by James Patterson: Maximum Ride series; Witch and Wizard series. Stephanie Meyer: Twilight Saga Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games. Lisi Harrison: The Clique.

Your "specialty": um, probably word choice most days:) but sometimes I'm not that good at it....

Weekdays about an hour or two between 5PM-7 PM in (I live in Indiana and I really honestly don't know what time, I believe it has East in it...) and weekends about 3 hours during the day.

Five Random Things About Lylas:

1. I can't eat any pizza unless it's from Hot and Ready.
2. I rather talk than text
3. I love writing music.
4. I have more best guy friends than best girl friends
5. I love tuna helper. it's my favorite food!!! :)

What I prefer not to read: really long ones. I just feel so overwhelmed and can't review it. I'd rather read poetry.

I would love to mentor!!! < 33333
elysian: (adj.) beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect.

formally lylas.

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Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:37 pm
PixieStix says...

name: Pix, Katie, K, Pixie, Sparkles. :3

age: 14 (turning fifteen in March)

what you write: I write Romance, Mystery, fantasy, poetry, and lyrics.

what you review: Mostly poetry and lyrics.

what you read: I love to read the Witch and Wizard series, and Twilight books. xD

your "specialty": People tell me character development, and that I explain the character's feeling whenever I write. And I guess that's pretty good, right?

what times you are online: I live on Eastern Time, so probrably any time from 4:00 pm-late night, or 6:00 /or/ 8:00 pm-late night (These are for week days, and from 8:00 in the morning- late night on weekend. I'm on alot.

five random things about yourself: I've been in relationships, I have blonde hair, I like pie, I have a huge crush on Robert Downy Jr., and my favorite subject is Biology.

anything you'd prefer not to read: I don't read VERY violent things, and sci-fi stuff. Or things that relate to history or real events.

I'd love to be someone's mentor! So shoot me a PM, and I'll be glad to check you out.

So you're the player?

Nice to meet you, I'm the coach.

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Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:10 pm
polinkacreations says...

Accepting! :)

name: Polinka
age: 17

what you write: Right now, novels. A little poetry from time to time;)
what you review: Novels, fanfiction, poetry, essays. Almost anything.

what you read: Philip Pullman, Stephen Fry, JRR Tolkien, George Martin etc

your "specialty": Character development, fantasy/sci-fi stuff, I guess:D

what times you are online: On the weekends mainly, I'm not available necessarily during the week, but I pop in every once in a while. I am in Switzerland, so that's GMT+2 I think...

five random things about yourself: 1. I have a major crush on Nick Pitera. I'm a seriously hopeless romantic.
2. I come from Russia, and speak 3 languages.
3. I have 2 German Shepherds, Alpha and Beta.
4. I started writing when I was six, then had a break until 13 and then started writing again:)
5. I love music (all kinds), and TV shows. I also love history and politics.

anything you'd prefer not to read: Nothing too sexually graphic (not that there's much of it here anyway), or weird fanfics. Nothing seriously long (by that I mean over 1500-2000 words). But other than that, I'm pretty open-minded;)
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

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Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:21 pm
Paracosm says...


Spoiler! :
Name: Shino
Age: 17

What you write: Mystery, fantasy, and science fiction.

What you review: Novel chapters, short stories, articles/essays, and poetry.

What you read: Pretty much any mystery I can get my hands on, The Monster-blood Tattoo series, Dean Koontz, and any thing I can get for free.

Your "specialty": Structure and idea, as well as research.

What times you are online: 9:00 am CST, and then again at 8:45 pm CST, except on Mondays. On Mondays it's 9:00 am CST, and then again at 9:00 pm CST.

Five random things about yourself:
1. I love Taekwondo!
2. My favorite band is Soundgarden.
3. I read tarot, and to some extent, palms.
4. I wrote the single worst novel ever last year.
5. Monk is my favorite TV show.

Anything you'd prefer not to read: I'd prefer not to read fanfiction, but I will. I'd also like to avoid explicit romance.
Review unto others as you would have others review unto you.

Don't panic!

Also, Shino!

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Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:23 pm
megsug says...

name: Meg

age: 17

what you write: Fiction novels and short stories. I tend to lean fantasy but dabble in everything.

what you review: All prose

what you read: I have a special love for fantasy and classics, but quite honestly, I'll read anything.

your "specialty": I suppose my specialty would be how the words sound on the page and description.

what times you are online: I'm in EST. It depends on the time of year and day, but 6-10 pm sounds about right. On the weekends, I'm normally on all day.

five random things about yourself: I hate bananas.
I'm normally not a picky eater, actually a bit of a foodie.
I play piano and baritone saxophone.
Though I don't write poetry I love reciting it for an audience.
I love watching cheesy movies if only to complain about how bad they are.

anything you'd prefer not to read: Honestly, I'll go with anything. I like to broaden my horizons if you will.

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Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:39 pm
Caesar says...

name: Ita, Louis, Louisa, Illums, Illumie, Lumitwo, Tails, God-Emperor Satan... I'm cool pretty much anything.
age: 13.

what you write: Fantasy, satire, and action. The gorier the better!
what you review: Fantasy, sci-fi, action.

what you read: Fantasy, essays, some of the classics.

your "specialty": Action, definitely. Fight scenes, whether armed or unarmed. I'm more well-versed with medieval weapons, however.

what times you are online: Depends really. On weekdays, sometimes around 2:30 to 3pm roughly, and sometimes after say 7pm to 9pm. On weekends, usually the better part of the day. This is not always true, however. Time zone is GMT+1.

five random things about yourself:
I love storybooking on YWS;
I'm relatively obsessed by the Latin language;
I'm quite knowledgeable when it comes to occult societies like the Illuminati, Masons, and other sects;
my music tastes range from most kinds of metal, to epic-style music like TSFH, to piano music like Elijah Bossenbroek.

anything you'd prefer not to read: no fanfics, no graphic romance scenes, by the gods no poetry (well, I'll read it, but not comment), essays/articles (yes, contradictory I know. As with poetry, I'll read, but won't comment), non-fiction, though historical fiction with action is fine, preferably ancient Greek or Roman times.
vulgus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur


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Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:16 pm
BlueAfrica says...

name: Blue
age: 22

what you write: novels, poetry, flash fiction
what you review: poetry, homework essays, flash fiction, novel excerpts and short stories that aren't terribly long (up to 5 pages at a time)

what you read: literary fiction, fantasy, YA fiction, historical fiction, some poetry, the occasional short story

your "specialty": concrete language in poetry, awkward wording, mechanics, dialogue

what times you are online: Usually at night or early afternoon. (UTC-5)

five random things about yourself:
1. Current project: a whimsical fantasy about a thirty-seven-year-old accountant with a passion for books and an almost-debilitating shyness. (Haven't posted any of it here yet.)
2. I've participated in National Novel Writing Month three years in a row and won the last two times.
3. I recently discovered SlushPileHell on Tumblr and Muggle Hustle on Twitter, and I love them both. Hilarious.
4. I've been fangirling over Doctor Who, The Hobbit, and Robin Hood a lot recently.
5. In addition to a normal minimum-wage sort of job, I work as an environmental educator at the Toledo Botanical Gardens.

anything you'd prefer not to read: Fanfic, any sexually explicit or super-violent material. (I'm okay with sex and violence being present, I just don't want gratuitous details.)
Last edited by BlueAfrica on Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:22 am, edited 2 times in total.

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Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:21 pm
Cspr says...

name: Cas
age: Sixteen.

what you write: Prose in various genres, mostly free verse poetry, and sometimes scripts.
what you review: I feel most comfortable reviewing prose, be it flash fiction, short stories, novellas, or novels. I can review poetry and scripts, but know I’m not exactly a master at either.

what you read: I attach myself more to authors than genres. Admittedly, I tend to read YA work, but I’ve read books like A Clockwork Orange (on my own time) and the epic poem “Beowulf”. I’m a fan of the authors Robin McKinley, C.S. Lewis, Llyod Alexander, Nancy Springer, D.J. MacHale, Holly Black, J.K Rowling, Scott Westerfeld, Kevin Brooks, N.M. Browne, Laurie Halse Anderson, Jonathan Swift, Jack London, David Clement-Davies, Suzanne Collins, Erin Hunter, and Cinda Williams Chima. And, well, probably a dozen or so other authors and a few books, but I don’t want to murder you with a long(er) list. Sometimes I read movie or TV scripts, though I’m not sure if that exactly counts as ‘published’.

your "specialty": My “specialty” is dialogue, but I’m also fair at description, grammar, punctuation, spotting cliches and tropes, and consistency. I’m admittedly pretty bad at writing action scenes.

what times you are online: I’m a Central peep with bad insomnia. So, I’m most often on in the afternoon until roughly midnight or later.

five random things about yourself: I’m an animal lover and former rescuer; I love riding horses, especially Arabians; I used to be a dancer; I can read/write/speak some German; and I’m a flaming asexual.

anything you'd prefer not to read: Romance. Well, I mean, I can manage it, but it’s generally my least favorite thing to read. Take note that I read fanfic, however. I don’t understand it either. It depends, but just understand coming to me with a sappy story starting with a meet-cute will probably make me respond like you tried to shove candyfloss down my throat. I won’t bite you or anything, though. I’ll just attempt sighing on my side of the Interwebs.
My SPD senses are tingling.

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Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:43 am
Nutty says...

name: Nutty, or Chey. My full name is Cheyanne, but no one calls me that except my mother.
age: 20, soon to be 21!

what you write: Er. Anything that's not poetry, I suppose.
what you review: Same as above.

what you read: Fantasy. And lots of it. My english teacher used to ask me when I was going to 'grow out of it', but I never did.

your "specialty": My 'specialty'? I'm pretty good with characters. I love fantasy, so I know a lot about how those worlds typically work. To be honest, though- I review anything and everything (that isn't poetry) and have been known to go over stories line-by-line if needed.

what times you are online: I'm in the New Zealand time zone (GMT+12!) and am online from 4pm-midnight most days, probably into the early morning on the weekends/holidays.

five random things about yourself:
>I'm currently in Art College
>I play far too many video games. My current favourite is Dark Souls, and I love Final Fantasy and Pokemon, and I play a LoL (badly) and Guild Wars 2, and have 125 games on my steam account. Whoops.
>I watch a lot of films
>I love Terry Pratchett. And Chibibo. Heheh.
>I love talking about all sorts of weird things. Just don't expect me to stay on topic.

anything you'd prefer not to read: I have no problems with fanfiction or fantasy, as long as I know source material for the fanfiction. I thought I'd make that clear, since looking through quite a few of the others it seems to be a subject people don't like. I suck at poetry. Seriously.

Wooosh. I haven't been the most active member recently, but I've been here since 2007! I'm always lurking about. Like some kind of stray cat, or something.
It's not easy having a good time. Even smiling makes my face ache.

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Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:51 pm
ChildOfNowhere says...

*reporting to duty*

name: I've been called many names.. But just Aria will do.

age: 18

what you write: Novels. A series I'm very proud of, at the moment.
One may call it fantasy, but I tend not to follow the usual scheme for the genre. Also, Storybook chapters. And long sentences that sometimes don't quite have the normal word order.

what you review: Novel chapters, and even whole novels (over mail or such, we can agree), and shorter stories, all with at least a touch of something abnormal/fantasy. I take other types of fiction too, but I prefer these.

what you read: Same as above.. Plus some classics. I'm especially fond of finding new imaginative ways to solve old problems, and always appreciate that talent in writers.

your "specialty": Characters, so they've told me. The ones who sooner or later show their dark/crazy side, mostly.. And particularly the development of their minds and those little things and feelings that make a person seem real (they are not often in mercy with me, though)
I'd say that I'm pretty good in making the whole thing really complicated, too.. That I enjoy doing :mrgreen: And lately, people seem to like my descriptions, but I hardly can call it a specialty.

what times you are online: I'm GMT+1, and my time online is really random. On Mondays, that could be around noon. And maybe again later in the evening (think, after nine). On Wednesdays, in the afternoon/evening. On other days, it depends on how often the teacher is in the room with me, or how long I sleep (weekends) xD

five random things about yourself:
* I'm finishing my High, School of Applied Arts and Design. That explains the teacher part up there ^^
* I have a lizard pet named Calypso (it's a she)
* I love Victorian era, Steampunk and all that goes with it
* I'm sarcastic, very much, and sometimes I'm a bit mean. But only with people whom I know that won't hurt (or in case I don't care, that works too)
* When they tell you I'm crazy about Storybooks, do trust them. At the moment, I have 9 active POV characters, two active but not with their own POVs, and two (or three) still waiting for the SBs to start x)

anything you'd prefer not to read: I don't know how to review poetry. I never wrote it, and so I have no idea what to say about them, and therefore it doesn't make much sense to send it to me to read. I don't write short stories either, but I know how to review prose, so that's fine. Surprisingly enough, I don't like science fiction all that much, unless it's really creative and has something new to offer from the very beginning. As for fan fiction, well, I only see the point if I don't know which work was the base. If I read the original book (or seen the movie), I can read it.

Kind regards, see you ^_^
This account proudly supports lgbt* rights.

-is a sir-

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Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:33 am
ShadowVyper says...

name: Any variation of my name will due, really. I'll answer to a wide range of names. However, Shady, Slim Shady, Vyper, and Vyp seem to be the most popular.

age: 17

what you write: Fantasy/Action-adventure, both in my novel and short stories, and I'm beginning to dabble in poetry.

what you review: I prefer Fantasy, Fiction, and Sci-fi, but I will review romance if it's not descriptive. I will also review poetry, though I'm just a fledgling poet myself.

what you read: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, anything else by Tolkien, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Inheritence Cycle, The Hunger Games Trilogy, and pretty much anything else that I think might be similar to these.

your "specialty": Grammar/usage, punctuation, and spelling are my strongest points. I am also good at action scenes and creating 'rough' characters.

what times you are online: It varies alot. I tend to be on sometime between 6 and 11 PM EST during the week. The weekends are unpredictable, but don't expect to see me on before noon.

five random things about yourself:
1) I'm an athlete
2) I know alot about select animals [Cats (tigers in particular), snakes, and ocean creatures, primarily, but there are many animals that I studied in past years that I remember a good bit about but no longer claim in-depth knowledge of.]
3) I am seemingly incapable of getting a new pet without researching thier species.
4) I live on a farm
5) I am fluent in hillbilly, sarcasm, and English, know a bit of American Sign Language, and am learning Spanish.

anything you'd prefer not to read: Descriptive romance is an absolute no. Fan-fiction is only a yes if you ask nicely.
Shady, Lord of the Shadows

Knight Vyper, Warrior of the Green Room

"YWS' Supreme Nazi of Grammar"~ As dubbed by Holofernes

Victor of the first ever YWS Hunger Games Event

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Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:47 am
JabberHut says...

name: Jabber! Or any variation of my username. Or something unrelated. Really, I'm flexible.
age: 21

what you write: Fiction! I've also written scripts. So fun omg.
what you review: Fiction! Stories, novels, scripts, essays, and even lyirics!

what you read: Fantasy is my favorite! I also enjoy sci-fi, and there have been a couple historical fiction novels I enjoyed. I'm currently on a Jane Austen kick, though!

your "specialty": Well, grammar is my best topic, but I only review grammar upon request. I'll also touch characters because omg I love them. Plot holes, description.

what times you are online: CST! I'm usually on in the evenings, but I still pop on throughout the day to check PMs and notifications.

five random things about yourself: I love M&Ms, I wear sunglasses everywhere I go (in my hair or on my face), I randomly draw pokemon when I'm bored, totes a band student (flute) though I also play piano in my spare time, I sleep with my iPod music, and I sing Disney songs in the shower. oh! And randomosity's the best policy. ;)

Oh, and I'm not against breaking the rules? I know it's more than five, but I wanted to say more thiiings. (I do enjoy talking.)

anything you'd prefer not to read: Uh... slash. yeah. Fanfiction's gotta be serious fanfiction. I also prefer to stay away from rated-R sexual content.
I make my own policies.

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Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:27 pm
WritingWolf says...

name: Wolf, Write, or Wild will do. :)
age: I don't like to give out very much personal info, but I'm between 12 and 15

what you write: Sci-fi and fantasy stories, sometimes poetry.
what you review: Sci-fi and fantasy chapters. I used to review poetry, but recently it has lost my interest, I may start reviewing it more one day...

what you read: Sci-fi. fantasy, and anything else that catches my eye.

your "specialty": I really like (and think myself good at) development, whether your developing characters, plot, towns, or anything else, doesn't matter.

what times you are online: I don't really have a very set schedule. Sundays I either wont be on at all or I will be on and off all day. Mondays I'll be on and off all day, or just in the afternoon. Tuesday I may not get on, but probably will in the morning or at noon. Wednesdays I will be on in the mornings of evenings, never noon. Thursday I'm really unsure about, I either wont get on at all, or I will get on in the morning or late in the evening. Friday and Saturday I will probably be on and off all day.

five random things about yourself:
1. I love animals(my favorite being wolves).
2. I don't like The Hunger Games or Twilight.
3. I hope to one day be a novelist, and marine biologist or psychiatrist.
4. I have my heart set on one day going to japan.
5. My favorite author is Orson Scott Card.
6. I sometimes like going one over when I'm filling out a form and it tells me to list _ number of ___.

anything you'd prefer not to read: I don't normally read romance novels. I wont read anything that (if it where a movie) would be rated PG13 or more. And I don't read very much fan-fiction, but I do sometimes.
~You can only grasp what you reach for~

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Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:01 am
Shadowlight says...

Still Accepting!

name: Shadowlight, but any variation of that is fine. The most common is Shady.
age: 22 at the moment. I'm old.

what you write: I write historical fictoin, and fantasy with a twist.
what you review: I will review anything save Poetry- I have a disability where I cannot distinguish rhyming. I love reading it but not so good at writing or reviewing it.

what you read: Mostly old classics. I am an archaic styled writer so I LOVE anything old. I have some friends who say I only read things by authors who are dead.

your "specialty": I do not review on things such as spelling and punctuation, I personally believe those are not the meat of the story (if something is so blatantly obvious I will mention it, but only if it detracts from the readability of the story.) I review on content- what I mean is this. Do the characters live in the story? does the description take me to the scene? I review on characters, and overall flow of a piece.

what times you are online: I am in Eastern standard time. And am usually always on in the evenings after 7pm.

five random things about yourself:
1. I like rainy windy days better then sunny warm days.
2. I have dyslexia but still love reading and writing.
3. Whenever I have a bad dream I ALWAYS end up dying.
4. Chocolate is brain food, and if they don't have it in Heaven I'm not going.
5. I LOVE steampunk things

anything you'd prefer not to read: No slash fiction, as to anything else as I say to everything- I will try (read) anything once.
"D*** the torpedoes! Four bells! Full speed ahead!"~ Admiral David Farragut

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.
— William James