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Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:09 pm
GrantBlayfur says...

Now updated to actually be correct!

name: Grant, Garrett

age: 16

what you write: Science Fiction, fantasy, occasional fanfiction or random short stories.'

what you review: Anything, really, EXCEPT for poetry and most scripts.

what you read: Orson Scott Card, Tolkein, William Sleator, Kkat, Somber.

Your "specialty": Coming up with crazy plots and plot twists and fixing plot holes.

What times you are online: Pacific timezone. Generally, I'll be online from five o'clock onward. BUT I have my iPhone on me at all times, so if you shoot me a PM I should respond very quickly.

five random things about yourself:
1) I am a brony.
2) I ran at the USATF National Junior Olympics race in New Mexico in late 2012.
3) I draw maps, if that would help your story at all.
4) I am a Fallout, Star Wars, and MLP nerd.
5) When it comes to people online, it takes a LOT to upset/anger me. So don't worry about offending me or anything. :D

Anything you'd prefer not to read: Courtesy of ridiculous amounts of MLP fanfiction, I've come to love Romance and Dark/Grimdark along with all of my other interests. However, realistic fiction bores me and I would prefer that stuff kept away from me. It makes me sneeze.
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Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:01 am
Vampyre says...


Spoiler! :
Hey! I'd really like to be a mentor, so here goes!

name: I'm Vampyre, as you can see from my picture over there <--- But you can call me Vamp, or Vampy, or 'Pyre, or any other name you can find from "Vampyre". I'd actually be rather interested if you can find something that hasn't already been used. :P But if not, I like all the above names. Pick any you like. XD Wow, I'm rambling already, and I'm only on the first question *facepalm*

age: I am sixteen years of age.

what you write: I write short Fantasy/Real life stories, and poetry.

what you review: Any Short Stories except Sci Fi (and I'm not great at action either, but I'll give it a go) Any type of poetry, art or photography.

what you read: (published works, not on YWS) I read pretty much everything. What I like's a different story though...

your "specialty": (eg: character development, punctuation in poetry, writing action scenes, &c.) I'm a stickler for grammar and spelling, and I suppose I'm pretty good at reviewing poetry (or so I'd like to think, anyway!).

what times you are online: (include time zone!) Most mornings and evenings GMT +13 (New Zealand)

five random things about yourself:
1. I'm a girl.
2. I'm a gamer. (Xbox 360)
3. Yes, I like to do a little thing called breaking the stereotype that girls hate gaming.
4. I make bottlecap badges, like the one Elly gave Carl in Up.
5. I sobbed my eyes out watching Up.

anything you'd prefer not to read: (eg: if you don't read slash, you might not want to buddy up with a Harry/Draco 'shipper, and so on) Fanfic, and novels. Also, Sci Fi and Action/Adventure.

So, I hope to see some PM's soon!
Don't worry, I don't bite.
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Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:53 am
LadySpark says...

name: Pointe, Drama PD P2D Drama Llama, I have lots of names..
age: 15

what you write: Romace, action and adventure, Fan fiction, Poetry, Lyrics... It would just be easier to say I don't do art and photography.
what you review:
anything but Art and then fanfiction (unless its Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson)
what you read: (published works, not on YWS)
Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The mysterious bendict society, The hunger games, the Misadventures of Benjaman Piff, The 39 clues
your "specialty": (eg: character development, punctuation in poetry, writing action scenes, &c.)
Romance Scenes. 'nuff said.
what times you are online:
I check it periodacally (I live in the Eastern Time zone of the U.S.) I can meet about anytime 11-1 is usaully busy, and from 2:30- 7:00 I am at ballet
five random things about yourself:
1) *points down* Sean is my Big Brother :D
2) I love to dance on my bed when I'm alone
3) theater is my life
4) I enjoy eating spicy stuff
5) I sing random songs in the most awkward moments
anything you'd prefer not to read: (eg: if you don't read slash, you might not want to buddy up with a Harry/Draco 'shipper, and so on)
anything 16+
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Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:49 am
TriO says...


Spoiler! :
Heck, why not? *elder takes a dive*

name: Sean / Elder
age: 18

what you write: Poetry, Sci-fi shorts (currently working on my third novel, but really can't be bothered typing them up on here yet - I used to prefer good ol' fashioned pen and paper
what you review: All poetry, All shorts, Occasional novels (not keen on overly long excursions to the review bank, as I have a lot of other stuff I'm working on, as well as other novels.)

what you read: Garth Nix, JK Rowling, Malorie Blackman, Gerritsen, Stephen King.

your "specialty": I don't have a speciality, as such. More of an all-rounder, leaning towards poetic imagery (most praised for that)

what times you are online: At least once every 6 hours. I'm Scottish, so that means GMT for me.

five random things about yourself: I'm a gamer (PC/XBOX/PS3/Wii/DS), I run an RP website (called Storybooks in this place), I am a huge fan of Code:Lyoko and OHS Host Club, I am an Aries, and Pointe *points up* is my little sister.

anything you'd prefer not to read: 12- works, fanfiction, long novels
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Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:07 pm
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Calligraphy says...


Spoiler! :
name: You can call me Cal, Cali, or Calligraphy.

age: 13

what you write: Poetry, realistic fiction, short stories, novels.
what you review: Pretty much anything. I don't love romance, but if it seems creative and not same old same old I will.

what you read: I like Jane Austin, Harry Potter, Laurie Anderson. I read a lot of everything.

your "specialty": (eg: character development, punctuation in poetry, writing action scenes, &c.) I would have to say beginnings, character development, keeping your style, and description. In a review I also usually give people nitpicks about their grammar.

what times you are online: My timezone is North Central in the United states. I am usually on throughout the day.

five random things about yourself:
1. I live on a beef farm.
2. I love the Adventures of Christoper Robin even if they are written for seven-year-olds.
3. My favorite part of writing are making characters.
4. When I was little I wrote a bunch of short stories and sent them to my younger cousins.
5. I generally don't believe in love. (It is O.K. I will read stuff with romance.)

anything you'd prefer not to read: Fan-fiction isn't my favorite, explicit romance, and besides that I might not be able to help you with poetry, but I'll try.
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Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:18 am
BrooklynWriter says...


Spoiler! :
name: BrooklynWriter (Brook;Brooklyn; Writer; BW;
age: 12 (Going to be 13 in a couple of days)

what you write: Mainly romance, but also poetry.
what you review: Mainly art and photography (but I'm open to anything)

what you read: Depends on my mood.
your "specialty": I am good with hooks, punctuation and grammar. But I'm the best at the real material of the piece.

what times you are online: I'm usually online from 5 to 6 on Wednesdays. All day on some weekends. A few hours others. I live in the Eastern time zone.
five random things about yourself: 1)I love to listen to music (Mainly Rock and Country also P!nk)
2)I dance hip-hop and jazz
3) I'm emo/goth
4)I am pretty insane
5)I act older than I am (most of the time :wink: )

anything you'd prefer not to read: I'll try anything once... or twice... or often.
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Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:54 pm
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Maddy says...


Spoiler! :
Name: Maddy. If you can't remember that, my username is always helpful. ;)

Age: Fifteen rolling into 16.

What you write: It varies! My strongest point is short stories, mainly in the sci-fi, thriller and fantasy section. But I also write novels in almost every genre you can think of, and I write poetry, lyrics and scripts, draw art and take LOTS of photos (not here on YWS though).

What you review: Anything mentioned above!

What you read: I'm a huge fan of Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Narnia.

Your "specialty": Character development, the "right wording", sound & rhythm for novels and grammar.

What times you are online: My free days: Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. I live in Australia, so I'm 10:00+ ahead of the rest of the world.

Five random things about yourself: I have two different coloured eyes, I could not live without expressing my creative side, I love getting cute wall posts, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tic-Tacs and I simply love to have fun.

Anything you'd prefer not to read: Scripts, because although I write them, I can't stand reviewing them. Unless you're interested in casting me in a movie- and maybe I'll read it then! ;)
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Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:20 pm
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Rascalover says...


Spoiler! :
name: Rascal or Tiffany (no preference :) )
age: 17

what you write: I write poetry and realistic/ romantic fiction (novels)
what you review: I review alot of everything, but I try to stay away from sci-fi and fantasy (just doesn't catch my interest)

what you read: Anything by Jodi Picoult or Ellen Hopkins
your "specialty": I'm really good at picking out grammar mistakes and dialogue
what times you are online: Any where between 3pm-11pm eastern time (except on Mondays and Tuesdays, it's 6pm-11pm eastern time)
five random things about yourself:
1) My favorite music is country music
2) I read about a book a day
3) I have had a poem and play published
4) Im attending a university in the fall and studying nursing
5) I am a twin

anything you'd prefer not to read: Like I said I don't really like reading sci-fi or fantasy (anything that has to do with things that aren't realistic like aliens or star wars type stuff)
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Sun May 01, 2011 10:05 am
harshita3chaarag says...


Spoiler! :
name: well you can call me anything you're comfortable with since my name is often too difficult to pronounce. Still my name is Harshita..

age: I'm 14 Years old.( I'm a class 10th student)

what you write: I generally write poetry and once in a while stories also(on really rare occasions).

what you review:I review poems and short stories, and sometimes novels also..

what you read: I go for novels on romance, mystery and adventure. I can also tolerate encyclopedias to an extent.

your "specialty": Descriptions of scenes and emotions are my strength..

what times you are online: I'm online in the afternoons around 3 according to the New Delhi, India Time Zone..

five random things about yourself:
I love helping anyone who wants help.
I value loyalty and friendship.
I love to make friends and get to know people..
I'm open and frank about everything.
I also lose my temper once in a while ( it's much better than it used to be) and I really don't like it when people yell at me..
Also I'll proudly confess: I'm a devoted Harry Potter fan.

anything you'd prefer not to read: I don't like to read fanfiction.
The answers lie within.. You only need to look.. :)

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Sun May 08, 2011 8:46 pm
HostofHorus says...

name: HostofHorus or Horus (though that is who I'm hosting....) or any other cool nickname you have.... My basketball coach calls me HP because he has this crazed idea I look like Harry Potter....?
age: 15 almost 16

what you write: I write a lot of stuff. I love poetry, and I love romance, action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, it is all amazing!
what you review: I review anything people ask me to. I especially love to review poetry, mostly because I can sit down for five minutes and do it quickly. But seriously, I will review anything.

what you read: I read it all. On my favorites shelf I have the following: Alex Rider Series, Ranger's Apprentice Series, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle's complete collection, Edgar Allan Poe's Complete Collection, To Kill a Mockingbird, Pygmalion (The Play), Mark Twain's Complete Collection.

your "specialty": I don't know that I have a specialty. In poetry I focus a lot on flow and rhythm. In stories I really like to look at symbolism and character development.

what times you are online: It varies a lot. I am on quite often during weekends, and here and there for a few hours during weekdays. (sure to change when summer hits. I will be on far more often.) I live in the U.S.A. in the GMT. (Mountain Time Zone)

five random things about yourself:

1. I love to write!
2. I go absolutely crazy over cars. My wish is to own an Aston Martin!
3. I LOVE music. I play Guitar and Piano and love to write songs with each. My favorite artist is David Cook.
4. I hate what our world is turning into.
5. I have a secret wish!

anything you'd prefer not to read: I don't love fan-fiction, and though I like romance a lot, there is a point where I think it gets annoying.

P.S. You should pick me to be your mentor. :)
HostofHorus Author, Poet, Dreamer, and Expressionist.
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Need a review? Feel free to ask me! :)

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Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:40 pm
fire_of_dawn says...


Spoiler! :
Name: fire_of_dawn, fire, Jorin. Whatever.

Age: I'm 19. My sister's 13.

What you write: Nothing with magic in it. Otherwise, I've even been known to pen a romance. Or two.

What you read: Classics on occasion. I've read every one of the Redwall series and will gladly read similar tales. Again, I'll try to avoid magic unless the protagonist is against it.

Your 'specialty': Dialog, you know. I excel at writing too much of it.

What times you're online: It's generally in the evening.

Five random things:
1. I discovered reading at around 9 and took off with it.
2. At about the same time I started writing.
3. I've got six siblings.
4. Love otters. Saw four of them once.
5. I've always liked putting things together.
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Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:52 pm
Flower~Child says...


Spoiler! :
name: Flower~Child but people call me Flow
age: 17

what you write: I am mainly a poetry person but I get into fiction sometimes.
what you review: I will review anything if asked nicely :)

what you read: (published works, not on YWS) I will read anything that doesn't bore me. I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice but books like The Hunger Games are more up my alley.

your "specialty": I get told that I'm good at punctuation in my poems. I'm not really sure what to say though.

what times you are online: I'm on at random timest throughout the day. I'm on more in the summer than I am in the winter.

five random things about yourself: I'm afraid of spiders. I'm pale. I've been in and out of bad relationships. I have an obsession with cheese cake!

anything you'd prefer not to read: I'm cool to read anything I'm not sure that I will like it but I will read it.
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Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:41 pm
Searria H. says...

name: Searria, Sea, O Ace One, whatever. ;)
age: 18

what you write:Fantasy fiction, general fiction, and I dabble a bit in poetry
what you review:Pretty much any genres. I don't know how helpful I can be on Fanfics because I don't get out much, but I can always critique the actual writing.

what you read: I love fantasy fiction, medieval fiction, etc. Favourite authors include Lloyed Alexander, Jonathan Stroud, and Gerald Morris

your "specialty":Hmm...I don't know that I really have a "specialty." I'll pick out grammar mistakes and explain them if I can, and I know when wording sounds awkward, I guess.

what times you are online: During the summer, I'm pretty much on throughout the day from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. During the school year, I'm on less often, but can usually get on between 4 P.M. and 10 P.M. (CST)

five random things about yourself:
(1) I am obsessed with frogs! *ribbit*
(2) I did not draw my avatar. That would be J. Haux, my sister
(3) Expect a million emoticons in any reviews of mine. My favourite just so happens to be the dancing pink elephant.
(4) I play cello and piano, and I sing
(5) I got a 20% on a paper in second grade because I rushed through it to write.

anything you'd prefer not to read: I don't tend to read anything with excessive cussing, violence, horror, romance, and all that. I'll do Romance and Fanfic if I must, but I just can't promise I'll be very helpful. I don't have any experience with scripts, but I can look at those too if you want.
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Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:26 pm
LadyPurple says...

Name: LadyPurple, Lady, Purple, LP, Caitlin, Cate (I perfer this one).
Age: 17

What you write: Poetry, romance, fantasy, adventure.

What you read: almost anything at all.

Your "specialty": grammar, spelling, mistakes. That kind of stuff.

What times you are online: random times during the day in the summer. I'm on more in the summer and only allowed on the computer on Thursdays (sometimes) and the weekends.

Five random things about yourself:

1. I love history.
2. I love acting! :)
3. I have two brothers named Tyler and Dylan.
4. I'm a Goth
5. I'm a wallflower.

anything you'd prefer not to read: I don't really care for fanfiction...
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Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:39 pm
SubjectBlue says...


Spoiler! :
name: Either Blue, SubjectBlue or Barak
age: 14

what you write: Poetry, lousy third person action, and creepy first person short stories
what you review: what I like

what you read: All kinds, fantasy, mystery, horror, fiction of all sorts (but romantic)

your "specialty": I don't know, I just try to do my best.

what times you are online: Jerusalem time zone this site should help determine, but a lot, I'm a real addict, usually between 7:00 to 8:00 and 13:00 to 2:30

five random things about yourself:
I'm nice to people here, and really nasty to people that I actually see on a daily basis
Next year I'll be studying in a boarding school
I have a long vendetta with my cat
I despise swans
I like really old movies

anything you'd prefer not to read: Fan-fiction, romance, and articles and those kind of stuff.
also, I don't mind working on novels (but only from the beginning), but I rather you sending them to me through Email, which gives me the time and tools to work on them properly
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