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Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:26 pm
Demeter says...

name: Demeter, Dem, Demi, Demmie... I've seen 'em all!
age: 16

what you write: poetry, things that go under 'Other fiction'
what you review: basically anything (I tend to avoid sci-fi, fanfiction and fantasy, though) But anything for my buddy! :D

what you read: Some of my favourite books include Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind, The Da Vinci Code, Harry Potters, A Midsummer Night's Dream... There are a lot of them!

your "specialty": I don't think I have any special speciality, but I think I'm pretty good at telling whether something sounds good or not, a.k.a. awkward sentences.

what times you are online: It depends on the day. If it's a common work day, probably something around 1:00pm to 4:00pm, and 6:00pm to 8:00pm. (GMT)

five random things about yourself:

1. I love polka dots.
2. I'm good at rambling and getting off-track of conversations.
3. My friend and I have started an unofficial fan club of one of our old junior high teachers; we even made T-shirts! :D
4. I sing all the time, but usually when anyone isn't listening.
5. I'm currently studying four languages besides my own.

anything you'd prefer not to read: fanfiction, fantasy, sci-fi. I'm sorry, but I'm just not very good with them.

Hope to get to know you new people! :)
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Sun Mar 01, 2009 6:19 pm
Angel of Death says...


Spoiler! :
Name: Angel or Angie whichever one you prefer just please don't call me Angel of Death
Age: 14

What you write: Hmm? I write poetry, Other Fiction, Romantic Fiction and if I'm feeling really imaginative Fantasy and oh Historical Romance
What you review: I mostly review things in the Other Fiction or Romance forums. And I do all types of poetry from time to time.

What you read: I read anything from Jane Austen to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Most recently I started reading Ian McEwan. I am a Twilight fan as well and Alyson Noel and Sarah Dessen are two people whose books I adore.
Your "specialty": My specialty would have to be being able to judge sentence structure as well content.

What times you are online: Gosh, I'm not good with these timezone things and I'm not even sure if mines is set correctly but I'm on everyday but to be more specific I'm on all day on the weekends.

Five random things about yourself:

1. My favorite color is pink
2. I love music a lot namely Alternative, Pop, R&B whatever sounds good really
3. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor and I've seen ten of his movies so far
4. I love to write more than anything in the world
5. I'm an only child

Anything you'd prefer not to read: fanfiction, fantasy, sci-fi. and if it's not historical romance, then no I don't think I'd enjoy it.

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Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:26 pm
Jon says...


Spoiler! :
Name: Jon
Age: 16 (Junior)

What you write: Fantasy, Poetry, Realistic fiction.

What you review: Anything

What you read: I like to read Fantasy, but mostly anything. ^^

Your "specialty": Poetry and Fantasy. The plots, characters, and grammar. The rhyme, emotion, and feel of the poem. I'll try to help with anything, however!

What times you are online: Weekdays: usually around 3:30 PM, Weekends : Always! XD

Five random things about yourself:
1. I like to sing.
2. I know how to speak Spanish.
3. I've been to Cuba, Spain, San Juan, Carribean, and other places.
4. I try to write a poem a day.
5. I love cats. XD

Anything you'd prefer not to read:
Bloody/excessive violence.

:D :D :D
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Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:04 am
Princess says...


Spoiler! :
Name: Princess, Prin, or Emma. :D
Age:13 (8th grade)

What you write:Poetry.

What you review:Anything but fantasy

What you read:Anything

Your "speciality": I know a lot about writing poetry. Rhymes, rhythm, syllables, the works. I can help you with the overall feel of the poem, and even add some spice to your vocab!

What times you are online: I get up really early, so about 6:15am-6:45am and 4:15-9:00pm on weekdays, and on weekends, usually all the time. GMT -8 hours.

Five random things about yourself:
1.I love to sing and act.
2.I have really curly hair :)
3.My favorite subject in school is English
4.I love the rain!
5.I am taking a trip to France this summer

Anything you'd prefer not to read: I'll read anything. :D

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Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:49 am
Juniper says...


Spoiler! :
name: June or Juniper
age: 15

what you write: Poetry (All types), Nonfiction, and Most fiction (aside from fantasy)

what you review: Absolutely anything; Fanfiction is my only difficulty.

what you read: Anything! What I enjoy reading is the question...

your "specialty": Reviewing, editing, and giving advice.

what times you are online: On a normal day, around 4pm GMT time.

five random things about yourself:

1. I am rather talkative, and I love meeting new people.
2. I love animals and nature.
3. I don't judge people based on ridiculous things (such as usernames or something). I prefer to get to know them and then go from there.
4. I like learning other languages and trying out new activities.
5. I never know what to say about myself, so I prefer when people ask questions :D.

anything you'd prefer not to read: I'll read anything, but Fanfiction and fantasy are a trifle difficult for me.
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Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:42 am
Insomnia says...


Spoiler! :
Name: Mat, Matty, whatever you want, really.
Age: 16

What you write: For the most part, I write fiction. It ranges in genre, but usually it's suspense or dramatic stories.

What you review: I review any fiction. I would do poetry, but I don't know anything about it, so I wouldn't be much use.

What you read: I read everything I can get my hands on. This year, I'm trying to broaden my reading and going through a lot of classics, so I'm reading Woolf, Burroughs, McEwan, Austen, everyone.

Your "specialty": My main focus is characterisation and dialogue. I'm also good with grammar, punctuation and conventions.

What times you are online: I'm usually on any time from seven until midnight here, maybe later. My username is fairly appropriate. GMT + ... 13 hours, I believe.

Five random things about yourself:
1. I've been published in a NZ anthology twice. I regret it now.
2. I love meeting and getting to know people.
3. Reading and writing are pretty much all I know.
4. November is my favourite month (NaNo!) apart from exams.
5. I find it difficult to talk about myself, so coming up with five things is a challenge. It's easier to talk to other people.

Anything you'd prefer not to read: I'll read any prose, but don't expect me to keep up with fanfic. Also, fantasy where every third word seems to be capitalised can be annoying, usually because of cliches, though. I'll try to read everything any anything, to be helpful.

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Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:03 pm
Meep(: says...


Spoiler! :
name: Meep(:, Meeps, Meepster, (whatever tickles your fancy)
age: 15

what you write: Fiction & Scripts mainly.
what you review: Mainly Fiction, Non-Fiction, Scripts, Art & Photography.

what you read: Any genre, though I do try to stay away from horror. (I have an overimaginitive mind)

your "specialty": Hmm...I would say, humour.

what times you are online: (include time zone!) GMT +8, based on that, I'm online normally from 4pm till 10pm?

five random things about yourself: 1. I love making people laugh
2. I love deflating huge egos.
3. My favourite movie is 'Transformers'.
4. I never cuss.
5. I can't play piano and sing at the same time.

anything you'd prefer not to read: Poetry.
~Liverpool F.C Supporter~
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Fri Apr 03, 2009 7:10 pm
StellaThomas says...

Well, now that I'm here at last...

name: Stella

age: nineteen

what you write: fairytales and fantasy, romances

what you review: any fiction!

what you read: Classics, fairytale retellings, John Green, fantasy, a little sci-fi, some good contemporary fiction.

your "specialty": Beginnings, dialogue, pacing, tone, but I'll dabble in anything :)

what times you are online:in the evenings GMT :)

five random things about yourself:

1. I am in my second year of medical school and loving life.
2. I'm from Dublin, Ireland and I can speak Irish (sort of).
3. I love dresses. Like really love dresses.
4. I also love the Wizard of Oz.
5. I hate baked beans.

anything you'd prefer not to read: Poetry, I'm no good at reviews!
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Mon Apr 27, 2009 4:41 pm
Adnamarine says...

name: Adna (or if you like I've got a half dozen or so more to pick from xD)
age: 21

what you write: I write poetry, and the occasional VERY rare short story
what you review: Favourite's poetry, but if you ask nicely, I'll review anything =)

what you read: Fantasy, classics, 20th century lit, some historical fiction, poetry...

your "specialty": (eg: character development, punctuation in poetry, writing action scenes, &c.) My specialty is poetry in general, especially structure and use of poetic devices (imagery, rhyming, etc.), with content a close second.

what times you are online: (include time zone!) Central time zone; the time I'm on isn't really consistent, but I do come on often just to check notifications/messages, so I'm not hard to reach.

five random things about yourself:
1. I am studying to teach English at the high school level
2. I love April, because it's NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)
3. Coffee.
4. I have been on YWS for nearly 7 years.
5. I have been to 47 of the 50 states in the United States.

anything you'd prefer not to read: I'd prefer not to read horror... that's about it...
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Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:48 pm
*writewatiwant* says...


Spoiler! :
Name: Kat, wati, www, whatever pleases you (but I do prefer Kat :P)

What you write: I mostly write poetry (any kind of poetry), romantic fiction, sometimes other fiction and I'm feeling particularly into fantasy, these past days. I can write whatever but it'll probably have some kind of lovely twist.
What you review: Anything, really. I'm not really that good with lyrics, because I'll just probably critique it as a poem xD I don't really do reviews on too long things. One thing that really tires me are excruciatingly long narrative poems.

What you read: I like reading novels with romance, fantasy, and historical elements. I also read poetry, and some classics.

Your "specialty": My speciality is poetry, even though I do good reviews on fiction. In poetry, I catch up everything in general (flow, rhyming, structure, etc) and in fiction I usually do grammar and nit-picks, then characters and set, imagery and description and then overall. If there's a special part that might need development, I might add something else.
What times you are online: I check YWS every day. Including on weekends. And I'm usually not in a rush ^.^

Five random things about yourself:
1. I used to be a Greeter/Instructor *points at new thingies=badges*
2. I play the piano
3. I did NaPo, and JulNo (July Novel Writing Month). And successfully did NaNo '09! On the ship to NaPo again.
4. I can't live without chocolate.
5. And... I can't believe I don't have a fifth thing! *pocks head* Oh! I'm Portuguese.

Anything you'd prefer not to read: Sci-fi and horror.

That's about it! Feel free to PM me, I'd love to have you as a student ^.^
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Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:46 pm
Angels-Symphony says...


Spoiler! :
Name: Shina
age: 14
What you write: Usually novels, but I also write poetry, short stories, and non-fictional essays and reports on the side. My genres mostly consist of Fantasy Fiction, but sometimes they're Other Fiction, Adventure Fiction, and Historical Fiction, usually with a mix of romance in them xD When it comes to poetry, lyric poetry and narrative poetry are the ones I write most.

What you review: I review just about anything, buy preferably...
Fantasy Fiction
Romantic Fiction
Other Fiction
Action/Adventure Fiction
Historical Fiction
Other Fiction

If you want a review, just post at my thread

What you read: I go to the library all the time xD The bookstore is nice, but you have to pay to read books @_@ I like Fantasy Fiction, Urban Fantasy, YA, classics, Adventure, Mystery, Non-Fiction books that educate you on things from pottery to witch craft to cake baking. I usually read non-fiction to research for my novels.

Any type of fictional novel or short story. I'm good with fantasy logic, putting emotions into writing/dialogue, character development, imagery, and plot.

What times you are online:
I'm Pacific Time Zone, which is -7 hours GMT, I think. I'm usually on all the time during summer, but during school time, after school, which is about 2 pm Pacific Standard.

Five random things about yourself:
1. I finished my first novel early this June, and began writing it last October.
2. This year I'll be a sophomore (10th grade) even though I'm 14. I skipped a grade :P
3. I'm fan of video games, the colorful ones like Super Mario, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and such and such.
4. I like school. My friends, who are just as crazy and talkative as I am, are my inspiration for a lot of my writing. We've done everything from having a school-wide scavenger hunt to having storytime in our geometry class. I also like learning and beating my competition academically xD
5. I like mentoring people with writing, coaching them while they write their novels.

Anything you'd prefer not to read:
I don't read rated R works.

Feel free to PM me if you'd like a writing mentor! I'd love to teach you ;) I only have a few students at the moment.

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Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:17 am
AquaMarine says...

Name: I have a pretty long list of nicknames, but feel free to just call me Amy. Or be clever and make up your own.

Age: 15

What you write: I try to dabble in everything (I write poetry, and have a half-finished novel) but I prefer short stories.

What you review: I'm pretty happy to review anything. I might not be able to do some fanfiction due to the fact that I have no idea what it is, however.

What you read: Any book that I can buy/borrow/steal. I don't enjoy them all, but I'll read them.

Your "specialty": Hmm. I wouldn't say grammar, although I do my best. I prefer to look at wider elements in a story like characters or description.

What times you are online: Generally about 5-10pm GMT. Obviously not all that time, but it's pretty certain that you'll catch me at some point then. Weekends it's a little more random, but I will always check YWS.

Five random things about yourself:
1) I play guitar (very badly) and I sing (not so badly).
2) I absolutely love video editing.
3) I make really awesome cookies.
4) I love London.
5) I have a minor *cough* obsession with the colour blue.

So yeah, feel free to PM me! I'd love to be your mentor!
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Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:42 am
Carlito says...

Name: Carly (I have friends that call me a variety of nicknames... Carl, Car-Car, Carls, etc.)

Age: 20

What you write: Novels. Things about love. Romance. Love. The occasional song. Romance. The occasional short story. (I really love romance/love stories if you didn't get that...) :)

What you review: Romance and I are friends. Action/Adventure is fine. Sci-fi/Fantasy not so much. I'd be happy to read your novel, short stories, thoughts, or lyrics. I'm no expert in poetry and I'd suggest someone else if you're big into that.

What you read: Textbooks (haha cause I'm in college). But for fun I'll read pretty much anything. Right now I'm reading a lot of YA romance because I'm trying to publish a YA romance. I love books about psychology, a good dystopia, books that make me think, books that make me cry, books that make me feel like I'm somewhere else, Harry Potter (with all of my heart), and romance. :)

Your "specialty": Novels. I read a lot so I feel like I have a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn't. I give pretty lengthy, honest reviews (but I promise I'm nice!) Check out my Will Review for Food thread for examples.

What times you are online: Really random times. I have to juggle a lot of things in my life so I check YWS when I have some free time to go online throughout the day.

Five random things about yourself:
1. I am currently trying to publish a novel. It's scary.
2. I am in college and I want to be a child clinical psychologist. The amount of school I have left is scary.
3. I love Christina Perri with all of my heart. She is the greatest role model ever. (PS I made her a penguin hat and it shows up in her instagram sometimes... :D)
4. I have a healthy addiction to chocolate. (I always have a bag in my desk).
5. I have a healthy addiction to classic chapstick. I place them in strategic locations around my life (backpack, coat, band locker, desk, car, trombone cases). There are currently two sitting on my desk and about 6 backups in my storage unit.

I love helping people so if you want to know more about me or chat or be my mentee PM me :)

Last edited by Carlito on Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:25 pm, edited 2 times in total.
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I want to read your work!

Ask me anything. Talk to me about anything. Seriously. My PM box is always open <3

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Sun Dec 27, 2009 8:52 am
Chirantha says...


Spoiler! :
Name: Chirantha, Chi, C :D

Age: 15

What I write: Mostly Fantasy, Action/Adventure or Sci-fic.

What I review:

Fiction (Not reviewing Historical or non fiction)

What I read: This is probably the same as what I write, but I do tend to read, Factual novels and novels with immense technology added. :wink:

My specialty: Well, I can give any kind of review you like and add any information you want me to give. But I mostly look for general mistakes, descriptions, and the character developments, etc.

What time I'm online: I think it's +5 GMT in my time zone, so it's I'll be online from 3.00 AM GMT till about 5.00 PM GMT. You can PM me anyways. :D

Five Random things about myself:

1. I'm trying to learn how to play a piano, as is failing miserably.
2. I've no siblings, and I'm pretty sad about it.
3. Having the biggest test of my life on 2010. :thud:
4. I really like listening to music while reviewing anything
5. Is in love with YWS. :)

Anything I prefer not to read: Well, I don't really like to read fanfiction and also don't like horror as I get creeped out.

PM if you want me to become your mentor. :D
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Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:35 pm
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canislupis says...


Spoiler! :
Name: Canislupis, Lupis, whatever. A lot of people call me Canis.

What you write: Fiction of all kinds, but mostly magical realism/fantasy or historical fiction.

What you review: Any kind of prose.

What you read: Fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction...pretty much anything but especially what I like to write.

Your "specialty": Description (sometimes too much) and plot.

What times you are online: Hmm, depends, but if you PM me I'll usually respond in less than 24 hours.

Five random things about yourself:
1. I'm homeschooled
2. I've travelled extensively in the U.S. and Canada. This year I'm going to be travelling throughout South and Central America, Europe, Iceland, Morocco, and Europe.
3. I love animals and the outdoors, as well as active activities.
4. Hmm... I'll probably be either a veterinarian/biologist of some kind or an acquisitions editor when I grow up, if not an author.
5. I've been playing the piano for about nine years now.

Anything you'd prefer not to read: Poetry--I'll read it, but don't expect a good critique. Also fanfiction. I will not review it.

PM me if you want me to be your mentor!


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