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Soul Error Arwitch

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Creator: Jaybird
Storybook: Chasing Eve
Nickname: Soul

Name: Soul Error Arwitch

Robot or Human: Robot

Magic?: He can create and manipulate electrical currents.

Gender: ♂, he/him.

Age: His prototype was created twenty years ago, and he gained sentience only three years ago when Zogin was fourteen years old. However, he believes that he's older.

Appearance: Soul has short, spiky light brown hair that he's almost always trying - and failing - to keep down. His eyes are bright blue; people frequently notice that there's something almost doll-like to them, but they never point it out. His outfits are almost always casual, and involve a plain-colored t-shirt, gray hoodie, jeans and sneakers. He also wears a pair of fingerless gray gloves.

He's somewhat on the tall side, but lacks significant muscles. If someone tried guessing his age, they'd likely say that he was somewhere in his late teens to early twenties based on his appearance.

Personality: The first thing that people notice about Soul is how kind and gentle he is. Even if someone is a complete stranger, he's eager to help them. He's good at thinking things through and being a listener, though he does tend to be a bit awkward and shy at times.

Up for Romance: N/A

Backstory: The very basics of the robot that came to be known as Soul were created twenty years ago by Edward Lovelace. He was his life's work, and his most prized robotic creation. When Edward's young granddaughter Victoria was old enough and showed an interest in his mechanical creations, she began to assist him on working on Soul. This continued until Victoria was thirteen years old - her grandfather passed away. Victoria was distraught; Soul was forgotten in his workshop.

It wasn't until she finally returned to it a year later to salvage some mementos that she discovered Soul had begun to move on his own, and was completely sentient despite never being programmed to be that way. He had woken up the day before and been too afraid to leave the workshop. It took some time, but Soul and Victoria eventually became friends - her giving him his name, and he give her a name she would later come to treasure.

When Soul had been sentient for a year, Victoria - now named Zogin - discovered that there were more mysterious, magical things in the world beside her best friend. The two decided to check them out in order to understand why Soul was so special. They discovered their magical potential, and became known in the magical side of the world for defeating a whole host of magical villains despite their young ages.

Other: No one ever suspects Soul's true nature, due to his design being so human in form.

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