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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the Jade XD

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Here, I guess

So, when I was four, I fell down a hole in a graveyard, (who knew there were holes in a graveyard?) and landed in this mystical world.

They inducted me into the Bone Shadow Clan, a group of evil people. The leader (whom will remain unnamed) told me I must do his bidding or.... DIE!

I did unspeakable things for many, many years. I jumped over rooftops, murdered rivals of my gang, and chopped of people's fingers if they noticed me....

FINALLY, I was able to make my escape after being enslaved for nearly a hundred years. People would say my life was exciting, and ask why I left. I say, "Fate called."

Now, I'm here. I go under the name Professor Jade. You must call me that unless otherwise instructed. (JK! Call me whatever.)

@Morgan introduced me to Wattpad.

@Liberty500 is my nemesis after we had a sword fight where they cheated and pulled out a gun.

@OofOof1 can tell the future and threatens me with Big Bird.

@FlamingPhoenix drew me a picture of a tree and two people. Now addicted to their art!!!!

@Dossereana Fuels my Kizuna addiction.<33

@Oxara and I had a French Revolution. It was fun.

@Honora is the sabertooth gave me my Doctorates to make me a professor (after I had sold my soul.)

@Fantascifi66 Pretty awesome.


Campfires, baking, sewing, art, MUSIC, puppies, traveling, languages, ShArKs, England, Japan, Holland, sleep, food, books, and, uh, writing.


Ex worker of the Bone Shadows gang. Now, I'm unemployed.

"Who am I? I'm just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future."
— Richard Siken