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hey :)

  • soundofmind 👁👁
    Feb 3, 2023

    fatherfig XD
    Feb 3, 2023

  • Truth: what is something artistic that you always wanted to do but never could/don't know where to start with?

    Dare: roast me.

    soundofmind i truth: i really want to learn to play the harmonica lmao. i’ve tried starting but have always felt a little lost for how to play it skillfully and not just annoyingly
    Feb 2, 2023

  • Heyo sound!

    Truth: What are some novels / poems that you'd consider 'favourites'?

    Dare: Write an acrostic with part of your username (e.g. sound) and post it on your wall!

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    Every once in a while I think of writing a real story for Wilson, but the chaotic short stories I wrote a few years ago are what exist at the moment. She still lives peacefully in my brain, though. Hers is not a story that loudly demands to be written with a death grip hold on my attention. Hers is more the kind that sits patiently with the simple invitation to return to it when (or even if) I’m ready.

    In the meanttime I’ll just keep thinking about it from time to time. Thought about it today and drew this :^)

    I’ll just keep thinking about it from time to time.

    Spoiler! :
    love the accidental pun there-

    also i love that comic !!! if you ever write a full story im definitely going to read it

    Jan 21, 2023

    soundofmind hehehe who says it was an accident >_>
    Jan 22, 2023

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  • soundofmind confy
    Jan 15, 2023

  • For those who are following my LMS novel, I thought I’d share some art from the project I’m doing of the characters in the book. :^) For those who don’t want #TheLostDragon spoilers, I’ll leave this image with no context. But hopefully it stirs some intrigue eheh.

    To those who know… you know ;^)



    SirenCymbaline LOVE HIM LOVE HIM
    Jan 4, 2023

    Spearmint ahhh that’s amazing!!! love the vines and details around the edges too 0.0
    Jan 4, 2023

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  • Thank you for the gift!

    soundofmind for sure!!
    Dec 30, 2022

  • alliyah YES
    Dec 28, 2022

    Quillfeather Torn between almost dying laughing and thinking it actually sounds pretty good
    Dec 29, 2022

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  • sound u have been tagged for #christmascover <3 :santa:

    soundofmind AYOOOOO :,) thank u…. did u recommend a song because i now forget andjadbdb
    Dec 16, 2022

    alliyah I don't think I recommended one! :]
    Dec 16, 2022

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  • loveissourgrapes
    Dec 13, 2022

    Hi @soundofmind! Your music and writings are great! Keep it up and thank you for helping me.🌻💗

    soundofmind Aw, thank you!!! :,) You’re very welcome! I shall keep it up, and you keep writing too!
    Dec 13, 2022

    In which I will very poorly and memely pitch my story to everyone and totally convince people to read it



    Genre: Fantasy Adventure
    Content Rating: Probably 12+ for some violence and mild gore(?)... maybe 16+ to be safe. But that will come later. Not yet. People die but no dogs die
    Brief Description: So basically a cowboy (Matt) who is secretly a wanted criminal and a monster hunter (Clandestine) who is secretly a mage become friends and their messes become each others' messes and their secrets each others' secrets oh and also maybe they take over the world or something 😊 let's find out together
    What should a reader know if they are jumping right into the middle of reading the latest chapter: Oh, *waves hand* you know. Spoilers:
    Spoiler! :
    A giant worm died. Matt knows Clandestine is a mage now and they're cool (maybe). Finally, all that tension's gone haha, right?


    How I got inspired to write project: I have been obsessed with these characters for almost 9 years and I need to make this story exist in a fully finished polished form before I die. It's the only big story I really want to tell. That's all. I'm so normal.
    Something I've learned working on it: Have fun or you cry in MISERY!!!
    Something Interesting about the Main Character: Matt doesn't like chocolate but he loves cheese (make another James loves lasagna and is garfield joke - you KNOW who you are - and I'm going to scream). Clandestine is allergic to crabs but loves all meat. Especially steak. Neither of these things are story relevant but now you know what not to feed them.
    My Favorite Character: Oh that's easy, it's -- *train passes*
    Favorite Dialogue Chunk:
    "I see," was all he said. And that told her nothing. What did that mean? I see?

    "Yes," Clandestine blurted. "I also see."

    Goofy Metaphor: Haha so funny so quirky
    It unearthed with its mouth flayed open like four petals of a flower, peeling away to reveal rows and rows of dirt-brown, needle-like teeth.


    First Chapter Link: CHAPTAH ONE PART ONE + PART TWO
    Latest Chapter(s) Link: CHAPTAH 5 PART ONE + PART TWO
    Favorite Chapter Link: CHAPtuhhh 3.2 i guess
    Any Green Room Chapters Link(s): Like all of them LMAOOooOooooOOoo except chapter 1.1 so I'll put 1.2 look, you can start almost from the beginning

    ~ #ShoutoutYourProject #thelostdragon #lmsvi

    Tagging: @Shady @Horisun @ScarlettFire if you wanna do it hehe

    Spoiler! :
    Code: Select all
    ~ #ShoutoutYourProject

    Content Rating:
    Brief Description:
    What should a reader know if they are jumping right into the middle of reading the latest chapter:

    How I got inspired to write project:
    Something I've learned working on it:
    Something Interesting about the Main Character:
    My Favorite Character:
    Favorite Dialogue Chunk:
    Goofy Metaphor:

    First Chapter Link:
    Latest Chapter(s) Link:
    Favorite Chapter Link:
    Any Green Room Chapters Link(s):

    [i]Tag a friend to shoutout their project too![/i]

    soundofmind @spatula i know u mentioned maybe being interested in reading here's more info if u want but no pressure if u lost interest!
    Dec 11, 2022

    creaturefeature my interest continues to grow
    Dec 11, 2022

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  • Thanks for the follow! :)

    soundofmind of course! :^)
    Nov 30, 2022

  • To all of the companies that somehow obtained my email before black friday,

    pleas stop

    Someone who never signed up for your coupon emails in the first place

  • I see you've managed so far to consistently put out your LMS chapter on Tuesdays. Congratulations on that! I think it's impressive and requires quite a bit of willpower — not that you've ever given anyone reason to doubt that. ^_^

    …I'll have to start doing the same if we're both still in the competition when Blizzard comes around, and in your case, I think that's rather likely. But I'll try to beat you to creating the thread at least once before then. >;P

    soundofmind Haha, thank you!! Tuesdays just end up being the day I schedule to write, so it all works out haha :^) And lol, when blizzards come I hope we both make it through and that our stories get finished!!!
    Nov 27, 2022

    BrumalHunter YES! :D

    Although, mine is deliberately designed such that it could theoretically never end, so I doubt that I'll actually reach it. I'm past 14K words and none of the twenty rounds of the tournament have even started yet. XD

    Dec 4, 2022

  • sound! how are u, friend

    soundofmind hatt! :^) im doin ok, pretty dang pooped cuz i just moved to a new apt recently but its been good! hbu?
    Nov 1, 2022

    Hattable good news friendo good luck w the uhhh partment
    im aight- tired all the time busy all the time sick of the ROUTINE that is WORK and school. advice ???? thanks for coming to my tedtalk

    Nov 2, 2022

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