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Would you buy the blog?

Usually yes, the blog is a top buy for someone who can handle it. For me personally, this project is too public.

What would you do with the site if you bought it?

Let it continue as an IT and tech blog. If you look at the stats you will find that many users come through the Serp's. So it doesn't really matter whether Robert keeps blogging or someone else. It is important to continue competently in this area. In contrast to many who make the blog dependent on Robert, I see great opportunities for many new visitors here through well-founded reports, also in connection with the current publicity. And if you don't want to or can't do it yourself, you're looking for a good writer with experience in the field.

The only important thing is the power of the domain, which brings visitors via the search engines. From a commercial point of view, I would not consider the feed readers to be so important, since the full feed may not allow them to visit the domain at all or they are not nearly as profitable in CpC marketing as users are about the organic serps.

You are talking to marketing, what would you do there?
First of all, I would prepare the blog in terms of SEO technology anyway. Onpage there are still huge reserves. In connection with discreet CpC marketing, I see the monthly revenue potential at the current content level in the range of € 10,000. And I mean subtly literally, you don't have to pave the domain with advertising.

I would discontinue the follow-link rental and only provide advertising space that is intended exclusively for the users and not for the bots, which will very likely restore the normal PageRank strength in the toolbar after Google has been informed, even if which in my opinion is completely meaningless for the placement in the search results.

In this context, I find it very funny also the wild claims of “experts” who use PR as a reason for buying or who philosophize about punishing the blog.

The visible PR was probably lowered (very likely because of the link sale), but as the course of the Sistrix Seo tool shows, this had no effect on the placements on Google. It is always surprising what unqualified statements are made here.

Even after the sale, I see no reason why the positions should deteriorate if the blog continues to be of high quality. Due to the increase in links, I see more potential for the last few days, even if many "Robert Basic Fans" should delete the links in their blog rolls.

For whom would such a blog purchase still make sense.
For someone who knows about SEO and knows that he can make a lot of money with the domain in the long term if he uses its strength and does not burn it, which should not be that difficult if he simply continues in the area and good and provides interesting information. You have to say directly that it is quite possible to increase Robert's performance in terms of content.

How much does Robert Basic get for his blog?
This is a difficult question, because it depends on whether one or the other top Seo Lust is interested in it. If only specialists like “meedia” bid, then Robert certainly won't get enough. They have the impression that they either don't have a clue or that they don't see a chance even if they bite their butts. I just assume here that they are not so primitive to just use the current publicity to blaspheme about someone

i, too, use desk chairs for harm and harm alone
— Vincian