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Raabia Tabassum

About Raabia Tabassum

Insatiable, Pensive & A Very Candid Girl Who Hates Monotonous Stuff & Has Concentric & Frivolous Ways Of Life & Luvs Mitigatin & Dissipatin Stuff. I Define My Own Life. I Do Not Let Others Write My Script.. I Insist That You See I Aint A Mystery.
From Hogwarts school of Witch n Wizardry. A person who dislikes tea , gowns & coffee.Chases dreams and is always flying broomsticks in other world.
I'd Be Glad If You Check Out My Latest Poems, Comment And Rate Them.
I have alot of hobbies. Alot In My List SO, I dont think i can mention each one of it but lemme give it a try-
My hobbies- Painting, Swimming, Cycling, Skating (Ice And Roller) , Writing Stories And Poems And All Sorts Of Crazy Stuff And Yeah Did I Mention I Love Martial Arts And Gymnastics. I Love Athletics And I Cannot Sit In One Place. People Say I Have Springs In My Body Yeah Guess That Suits Me. I Am A Fun Loving Person At The Same Time Short Tempered And Sensitive. I'd Love To Be An Athlete And A Writer. I Have Written Only One Story So Far 'Return Of The Unwanted Dead'.. Want To Publish It But I Feel Lazy To Type It All Way Long Though My Typing Is Really Fast. Dont Think I Am Boasting Or Something Like That?
I Love Parties And Shopping. When It Comes To Food I Love Chinese Items, Pizza, Albaik And Alot More.
When I Am Asked To Choose Anything I Take Alot Of Time... Really Alot Of Time. I Am Really Choosy Type.I Think Alot And Go Over Alot Of Stuff Before Buying Something But When I Buy Yeah My Choice Is Great! Besides All These I Am Alot Into Games, Be It Pc Games Or PS2, PS3, XBOX. I Am Alot Into Computers. I Always Am Up To Creating Editing Stuff Online. I Used To Publish A Magazine 'Kids Magazine' But I Stopped
You Can Check It At My Website: -
I Love Harry Potter Series! <3 <3
I Love Photography And What Else... See My List Is Endless...
So I Think I Must Stop Now!
I Love Writing Stories And I Am Good At Editing Other Stories And Novels.
To Check Out All My Poems From 2006 Till Now Please Click This
Besides That I Love Photography And Alot More Stuff.


Sports,Poetry,Writing,Surfing,Photography,Blogging,Editing, etc




Surround yourself with people who are serious about being writers, and who will tell you, ‘Hey—you can do better than this.’ Who will be critical of your work, but also supportive. And who will not be competitive in a negative way.
— Isabel Quintero