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~this fairy has good friends and coffee on her side~

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I am called Shadow, or Gem. Whichever you knew me as first. :>

My pronouns are she/they.

I enjoy talking to people and writing, writerfeeds are the best. I am known to some as TheTypoWithoutCoffee.

If you ever need to talk to someone, for fun or just because you need a shoulder to lean on, I am here for you.

Random Qoutes About Me:

"haha no you nailed pre-adolescent boy I think ^^" ~ whatchamacallit (loonybear)

Qoutes From Me:

" have i said anything super random today?"


Geeking out over random things. Fandoms to many to name. Mythology. Fae. My books. My OC's. Coffee, coffee, and coffee.


Part-time Pixie Queen- and full-time Mascot for the Coffeebean Overlords.

You don't need to follow me! You don't need to follow anybody! You got to think for yourselves!
— Brian Cohen