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  • How've you been?

    momonster hey! i've been pretty good; i'm going on a roadtrip with my mom tomorrow so that's exciting. how have you been? <3
    Feb 20, 2024

    Zyria That sounds awesome, I hope you have a wonderful time <3
    I've been well, thank you <3

    Feb 21, 2024

  • OrabellaAvenue
    Feb 17, 2024

    Hello there! How've you been doing?

    Just came to tell you that you're invited to the party! Really hoping to see you there! :D

    DreamyAlice wrote:


    I hope everyone enjoyed #UnSoMo now as the official social fortnight or #SocialMonth2024 has started. Here is one more exciting thing for you all. This social month we planned to break a YWS record! All the past YWS records and record holders are mentioned in the The YWS Big Book of Records, but there are collective records as well like the last Great Tortoise Race of 2023 we broke the last Most Users to Complete Team Tortoise in one Month record with 9 members making through the month.

    This social month on YWS we are trying to break the record of Most people in a writing pad at once. It would be a pretty cool record to set. The last one would probably have been for YWS's 16th birthday with around 20 people. We are trying to surpass that goal and yeah that's crazy, chaotic, and of course AMAZING!

    We got this! Do not forget your fruit juices, everyone. Mr.Pineapple invites you to the GREAT PINEAPPLE PARTY hosted by me and @OrabellaAvenue!
    The date and timing is
    (There is a code applied that changes the time to the reader's time zone so it will be different for everyone according to where they live)

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    momonster aw thanks for inviting me! i’ll see if i can pop in at some point :)
    Feb 17, 2024

  • but i'm in so deep / you know i'm such a fool for you / you got me wrapped around your finger / do you have to let it linger?

  • rets nom om! momo monster

    momonster ruoh labreh!
    Jan 20, 2024

  • it just dawned on me that i'm going to be 16 this year. my brain cannot comprehend this.

    starbean i'm going to be 14...*shudders*
    Jan 17, 2024

    Spearmint 18... o.O
    Jan 17, 2024

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  • hi i give you hug


    momonster aw thanks for the hug! *hugs back*
    Jan 17, 2024

  • like a swishy, melty flick and snap, to get really specific

    - my dance teacher

    herbalhour i love that for your dance teacher
    Jan 15, 2024

  • Hope you are well! I like your profile wall a lot. :]

    momonster aw thank you! i'm doing really well, thanks for asking. how have you been?
    Jan 10, 2024

    alliyah That's great, and glad to hear it! I'm doing pretty well apart from being a little sick this week! Looking forward to getting over this cold soon!
    Jan 10, 2024

  • thank you my secret santa! i love this so much <3


    Elinor It was me! Glad you love it! 😁
    Jan 14, 2024

    momonster thank you!!
    Jan 14, 2024

  • how am i supposed to sha la la in these conditions

    starbean for real <3
    Jan 5, 2024

  • trying to not care but i actually do care a lot

  • momo
    is no

    momonster indeed i am just a smol cutie :)
    Jan 2, 2024

    herbalhour smolmomo
    Jan 2, 2024

  • literally so so happy that its 2024

    starbean <333
    Jan 1, 2024

  • hi momo rate the flavor of the sky from @AilahEvelynMae idk... @LuminescentAnt

    momonster seeing as i have never tasted the sky, i am not a very good judge of the flavor, but i imagine it would be salty? idk that's just the vibes it gives off to me haha
    Dec 31, 2023

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