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  • Kirahh
    Apr 19, 2011

    Thanks for following :) You're work is splendid.
    Keep going


  • lilymoore
    Apr 18, 2011

    Hey there Matthew. I would be happy to review some of your stuff in my WRFF thread if you send me a link! :D

    matthewmazer how?
    Apr 20, 2011

    lilymoore Just copy the link in the address bar of the work that you want me to review and then paste it into the reply.
    Also, as a side note, is American Tragedy officially the most amazing album EVER...though "Bullet" makes me question whether I'm supposed to be happy or sad. ARG!

    Apr 20, 2011

  • GeeLyria
    Apr 17, 2011

    Thanks for the review! Thanks for following and...omigosh! Your birthday's one day after mine! 8D :lol:

  • Firearris
    Apr 15, 2011

    Hey, Matthew! Welcome to YWS. =] You'll see I posted on your welcome topic, and I'm just dropping by here as a follow-up. ^.^

    I hope my post helps you with anything you might need, and feel free to let me know if you need anything or have any questions. :3


  • matthewmazer
    Apr 14, 2011

    PLEASSSSE look at my first work, The ArchMage Saga. Review and tell me what you think.

  • sapphirewednesday
    Apr 13, 2011

    Thanks for the follow! Cant wait to look at your work! Look at mine?

  • SmylinG
    Apr 13, 2011

    Thanks for the follow ;) I'm also the first to comment on your wall. Have fun here! Also, get yourself an avvie, Mazer. :D tee-hee.

Oh no, I’m sorry, you’re under the impression that here on YWS we *help* writers instead of just feeding their gremlin tendencies.
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