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Hi, the name's Manilla, and I'm currently a sophomore in high school! I'm American, and I am currently learning French and Chinese, my ethnic language. Additionally, I identify as bi :)

What I write the most is short story, and a lot of fantasy, science fiction, and even historical fiction. I'm bad at poetry and songwriting, but I do it anyway too. Since November of 2019 I've been working on my novel, The Seventh One (a working title). It's been really difficult to focus, but I hope that this one is a work I'll be able to share with YWS (to keep me motivated) and finish before I go to college.

At home, I have a dog named Cosette and a cat named Twizzle. As an only child, they keep me great company. When I'm not home, you may find me at the swimming pool, out in the forest preserve for a walk, or at Starbucks for a drink.

Thanks for reading and stopping by, and may your day, afternoon, or night be splendid <3


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Writing, sketching, singing, piano, listening to music, reading, swimming, long walks in the forest and sleep.


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I like anchovies~ but nobody calls me that.
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