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  • inktopus
    Apr 5, 2017

    Once upon a time, Storm was an awful person, yet again. Is this new? No. Does she care? Sort of. Does she feel bad? For the most part.

  • Shoutout to @Morrigan for teaching me about meter! I can't thank you enough!

  • I just want some damn chocolate.

    Spoiler! :
    I swear, it's a rule for men to be assholes when women are bleeding out of their vaginas

    postmalone Lmao I know, right? :D
    Apr 22, 2017

  • Okay, I've seen a lot of proud Christians around lately. Sure, Jesus is cool to you, but me? I'm Pastafarian. The flying spaghetti monster is much cooler. He would beat Jesus in a fight any day.

    Spoiler! :

    Random avatar
    Spoiler! :

    Italy: pastaaa~

    Hetalia..? No one? No? Okay, imma shut up now

    Mar 17, 2017

    Love Ha! You think that's cool!

    I'd beat that spaghetti monster on any day! Depends on how hungry I am.

    Mar 18, 2017

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  • Storm's Reviews

    This is my review thread. Feel free to request a review. Please only request one at a time though! And only choose one thing for me to review, don't give me a few options, just pick one!

  • It's kind of late, but I posted this: Scolopendra chapter 5

  • CLOUD <3

    inktopus MATT
    Mar 5, 2017

  • Mageheart
    Mar 2, 2017

    I love your new username! It's really cool. <3

    inktopus Thanks!
    Mar 2, 2017

  • I changed it for you, @Casanova

    Casanova I love it! Thanks Cloud bby <3
    Mar 1, 2017

  • What does one do when a writer doesn't respond well to one's review?

    Spoiler! :
    *reviews every work they post*

  • Chat is back!!!

    Wolfi Yep, every Review Day! (but yeah, it was late :/)
    Feb 25, 2017

  • GOOD JOB! :D
    (On featured member, that is. XD)

    inktopus Thanks! I was so surprised when I found out.
    Feb 18, 2017

    erilea Oh. I wasn't. :)
    Feb 19, 2017

  • I just drove successfully for the first time. I feel prouder of myself than I should, but I don't care. Driving gives me anxiety. But I conquered it! (more like my mom made me conquer it)

  • Congratulations on getting Featured Member! You definitely deserve it! ☆

    inktopus thanks so much! I remember when you welcomed me (only 2 months ago, can you believe it?). I love this website so much, and it's people like you who keep me coming back!
    Feb 17, 2017

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