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(Warning:I go by hiraeth on the site, and i suck at introducing myself so this is going to be awkward.)

Things about me:
I'm left handed (and i'm ridiculously proud of it. And yeah, that doesn't make any sense cuz that's like being proud of the fact that you're right handed.)

I have a twin (we don't look identical, and our personalities are completely different)

I've got wanderlust. Kind of.

(lets skip the part where i say i love reading because literally everyone here does :) )

My current top three songs include 'Stereo hearts,' 'Soul Sister' by Train, and 'I think i'm in love again' by Kat Dahlia. (this is likely to change within a week)

(Earlier this spot belonged to a Marvel rant) Talk to me about Snowbaz. And Wayward Son. I can't wait for September 24th.

I think i'll wrap it at that (?)


i'm interested at anything that doesn't involve dancing. or organization.


:) sucking at being a writer

I'll show my defiance through ironic obedience!
— AstralHunter