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  • Justagirl
    Jan 16, 2011

    Thanks so much for the follow!

  • Ahaa! I love Ooty! It's such a beautiful place!
    I'm from Chennai, so yay for the same state! =D

    harshita3chaarag honestly lava....i've gt bored of this place...i've been here since 27th oct 2009 and before that i was here for class 2...so i nw kinda hate this place....
    Jan 24, 2011

    Lava Lol! I've been in Chennai for years. I'm not complaining much though
    Jan 25, 2011

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  • Helloello!
    So, hi, I'm Lava! Welcome to YWS and make yourself comfortable.
    Also, I'm wondering if you're from India. You're username seems to sound a lot like an Indian name. (Lol, I'm from India, so yeah. :) )

    Hope to see you around soon.

    harshita3chaarag WOW!!! Lucky us!!!! I am an Indian!!!!!! Its nice to know someone from the same country!!!
    Jan 15, 2011

    ehte92 Well i'm too from India... :D
    Jan 15, 2011

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  • Justagirl
    Jan 14, 2011

    Hi!! Welcome to YWS! Feel free to ask anyone a question, most of us don't bite(and when we do it's just slobbery puppy nibbling). If someone does bite you hold their nose while shouting "OFF!". Hopefully I haven't scared you. Welcome!

  • Button
    Jan 14, 2011

    Thanks for the review! :)
    And welcome to the site! If you have any questions or anything, please don't hesitate to ask; I'd love to help. Hope you like it here! :)

  • harshita3chaarag
    Jan 14, 2011

    WOW!!! at last im into some place where i can write without being commented and criticised!!!! :):):)

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