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Welcome to the loony bin, I'm sure you'll fit right in!

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about fortis the great:

Once upon a time, many ages ago, there was born a child. That child was not me.


I'm fortis and I'm a Global Moderator here on YWS! Come to me for all your poeting needs, or otherwise.
If you want something reviewed, stop by my WRFF thread.
I love bagels, and I love to laugh.
My favorite book is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

My favorite colors are gray, neon clear, and purple.
My favorite season is those three days between summer and winter when it's actually nice.
I own a beautiful gecko named Slim.
I love to write and read (obviously), but I also like theater (mostly backstage stuff) and I like to sing and do art.
To see what books I've read (and liked) go here
(that link is mostly for my own easy access, because blog pages can get lost, and I'm trying to keep that up-to-date)
I'm also a Knight of the Green Room!

I am not a corn chip.


Bridging the gap between "was" and "will be."


"For a short space of time I remained at the window watching the pallid lightnings that played above Mont Blanc and listening to the rushing of the Arve, which pursued its noise way beneath. The same lulling sounds acted as a lullaby to my too keen sensations; when I placed my head upon my pillow, sleep crept over me; I felt it as it came and blessed the giver of oblivion."
— Mary Shelley, Frankenstein