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Mr. Random

Well, I am basically from Earth, a planet located in the milky way and is next to Mars, which isn't really a chocolate but a planet which exports its chocolate to the Earth.

I am a little weird and annoying. Although I was born a Earthling, I still feel like I shouldn't be from this planet.

I love to play cricket, which is a little bit like baseball, and I teach, which is a little bit like studying.

I talk a lot when I am not mad and I am never mad so I always talk a lot. So whenever you see me, just wave at me to listen to a random story which would make you smile.

You can call me don, or just give me a new nickname. My real name is... well, you should be my really good friend to know that.

I love chocolates, tea and cookies. If you have any extra of these three, just give them to me or I'll take them myself.

... Yeah, I'll just shut up now. I like to travel to various different countries and I love learning new languages.

So, that's pretty much about me!


More than you have!


For now, I just sleep.

it's ok, death by laughter was always how i've wanted to go out
— Carina